Getting Back from the Bars

The Spectrum

Late nights on Chippewa can be some of the best nights of a college career, but after a few too many drinks at the bar, driving home is out of the question.

This is the time to call in the cavalry, and luckily, the fine drivers at Action Taxi are there to help out – for a price, that is. While the $40 from Chippewa street back to the cozy dorms on North Campus seems rather pricey, a mere mention of your UB status nets a 20 percent discount, one unmatched by any other service in the area.

The price for those living on South Campus saves big time on the service, as a one-way ride from downtown costs about $20.

Now, when a designated driver bails to study for a looming biology exam, it won't kill your late night fun.

Action Taxi can be reached at (716) 446-1580.