A sugar high

The Spectrum

Grade: A

Martin Sexton delivers an album so sweet it'll leave your teeth full of cavities.
Sexton arranges his folk tunes with hints of country, pop and jazz, exploring different styles. The artist powerfully put together a positive album strongly influenced by his newborn son, Shane. Each song on his new album, Sugarcoating, brings into perspective what is important in life
The album's first track, "Found," starts the album off on an upbeat note, focusing on imagination and reaching out to others while still being caught up in the trappings of everyday life.
"Boom Sh-Boom" keeps with this upbeat feeling, revealing Sexton's playfulness, while showing off his superb guitar skills. The instrumental section midway through the song allows Sexton to use his own voice as an instrument, channeling fellow singer-song writer Keller Williams.
The track "Always Got Away" proves to be one of the most compelling songs on the album. It showcases Sexton's voice and allows him to take charge as he figures out what is truly important.
"Knowing who I am/I thought I held it right here in my hand/but what I really didn't understand/is that these tears/old shame and hurt and fear/like everything else would just disappear/but it always got away/it always got away," Sexton sings.
The album's title track "Sugarcoating" is a reflection on post-9/11 society. Though it may seem irrelevant years later, the song focuses on the effects of that day, the wars that followed and the way the media portrays the issues.
Although this song may border on the serious side, it still manages to fit with the rest of this lighthearted album.
Fusing optimism with imagination, this album will appeal to Sexton's fans and delight new audiences.

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