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Tuesday, December 05, 2023
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UB's Magical Mystery Tour

Okay, so I know that the victories, er, let me rephrase that, the pimp-slapping of the No. 1 and 2 teams in the Mid-American Conference East were, to say the least, quite impressive.

Even more so, I realize that the tasty thought of Monday's unprecedented home MAC playoff game against a conference bottom feeder and the subsequent MAC Tournament in Cleveland is causing the Mighty Maniac nation to collectively foam at the mouth.

And believe me, this is okay, because UB has long needed something to believe in besides Ron "the Sandwich Guy," but, ladies and gentlemen, there is still some business to attend to if you believe it or not.

UB's "Magical 'Making History' Tour" bus rolls back into Amitrano Arena tonight for the final home game of the regular season at 7 p.m., and what happened last Wednesday in the Kent State game needs an encore.

The Buffalo Bulls and their fans cannot let what is happening here slip through their grasp. Last Wednesday does not have to be the pinnacle of this fine season.

Tonight, oh yes tonight, the Ohio Bobcats must be sacrificed to the basketball gods. The Bulls and their fans need to show the world that they are for real. This six-game, nine out of the last 11 winning streak needs to be extended for as long as possible.

Basketball is all about confidence. UB, the fans and the team, cannot start jumping to conclusions and just wait for Monday to arrive. They have to slaughter everything in their paths, including the Bobcats tonight and the Akron Zips on Saturday.

The big, bad, blue wave of destruction may seem tall now, but just imagine what it could be like after another raucous night at Alumni. If Buffalo could take an eight-game, 11 out of 13 winning streak into the Monday's playoff game and then the Gund Arena, opposing teams and fans might just start shaking in their booties.

More importantly, the UB Bulls and Mighty Maniacs will be oozing confidence, playing at a level where they feel no one can compete with them.

Now, that's dangerous.

And besides being dangerous, it could equal an appearance in the NCAA Tournament.

Although that would be the greatest moment of my life, even better than the time I saw Penny Hardaway get slimed on a Nickelodeon show, I fear for what would happen to this University.

Would it blow up? Would it implode? Would Ron "the Sandwich Guy's" head fall off? These are questions that can only be answered in time.

On the other hand, maybe nothing would happen at all.

Just take a look at last week's Kent State game.

The clock read zero and everyone danced on the court. It was a great time to be a part of this university. It could have been better however. If this campus or the surrounding Buffalo area had some place where its students could go out to party and celebrate afterward, it would have been a complete event.

Now, I'm not saying this to take away anything, because last week was simply amazing, but didn't it feel like we all needed to head somewhere afterward to party it up and celebrate the occasion once the fever died down in the Arena?

When I was heading home to my house, I was a little disappointed that this school doesn't have a place where everyone can congregate to keep the party going. With the way they designed the school back in the '60s, making it Kent State-proof coincidentally enough, they disallowed the possibility of one gigantic UB party.

That is exactly what we need if the Bulls run wild through Monday night. This school needs one massive party to bring everyone together. I'm talking a PCU-style, democrats loving republicans, vegetarians eating red meat, Robert from Burger King "what's up dude!" kind of party.

Pape, Tejada, Burgio, and anyone else involved in the Student Association, I know you're out there somewhere. Hear me out. This is your chance to correct the epic mistake you're about to make with the upcoming Hoobastank/Ima Robot debacle.

How about you set up a party in UB Stadium or RAC Field or even Amitrano Arena after Monday night's playoff game?

Cancel the Springfest that nobody wants or will go to if you have to do it. Give us this please, I'm begging you.

Give us something we actually want. A party with kegs (for the over 21 crowd of course) and food and music after the big game on Monday. Give us something that we can, and will, truly enjoy. Everyone would be there, everyone would join in on the enormous festivities. It could be the greatest time for the students here in history, and your names would go down in UB lore.

You say that you want to do what's best for us, well, now it's time for you to prove it.

I know this is probably falling on deaf and incompetent ears, but oh well, even without the party, we will still have our Buffalo Bulls and this dream season of 2003-04.

Nothing can stop that, at least.



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