Byrned to a Crisp
I'm sorry that you've had to put up with three years of my crappy column, but here's one more for "the Gipper."And no, "the Gipper" is not Larry Appleton from Perfect Strangers.
NBA Playoff Preview
NBA fans have been waiting for this all season long. The first round of the playoffs are finally here, with tantalizing match ups and an abundance of superstars to delight your roundball-loving soul.Eastern ConferenceIndiana Pacers (No.
Byrned to a Crisp
It came to my knowledge recently that there is no such thing as an actual "Logan" berry. Auntie Rosie needs a brick dropped on her head ASAP, if she even exists.I've been working at Champs Sports for the past year or so, and I have to say that it has been an exhilarating experience.
Scheduled for a Change
Apples and oranges. The Brady Bunch and Married With Children. UB basketball and UB football.Comparisons may be hard to draw from these pairs, but UB football head coach Jim Hofher sees a similarity between the basketball team's coming of age and his own football squad's journey in Division I-A football."I'm not even sure you can make comparisons, but we can point to this," said Hofher.
'Cheers to the MAC'
It was a weekend of beginnings and ends, basketball and inebriation, zubaz shorts and potato croquettes, but ultimately, it was a weekend in Cleveland, Ohio for the Mid-American Conference Championships.Good golly, miss Molly!Along with my compatriots, Nick Mendola, Darren Riethmiller and Mike Scott, we ventured to the city that rocks for a weekend that will go down in history as one of the best ever.The UB GameWhat was being played out on the court was surely exciting with the Bulls dueling the Toledo Rockets, but there was a sub plot arising in the Gund Arena with the busloads of "Mighty Maniacs" basically foaming at the mouth throughout the evening.UB's fans dominated the arena, out-chanting the Rocket fans and showing what kind of passion you should expect from fans from the New York State.There was a little controversy surrounding a chant that went something like "F*** You Rockets," and some said that former President William Greiner was genuinely embarrassed.
Bulls Season Comes to an End
CLEVELAND, OHIO - As chants of "Thank you, UB" rained down from busloads of Mighty Maniacs in attendance, the Buffalo Bulls season of 2003-04 came to an end.Capitalizing on UB's debilitating foul troubles and the mesmerizing performance of their own Keith Triplett, the Toledo Rockets derailed the streaking train that had carried Buffalo into their first-ever appearance in Cleveland's Mid-American Conference Tournament quarterfinal matchup on Thursday night.Toledo now advances after the 97-85 victory in the Gund Arena and will face the No.
Shakin' it Like a Salt Shaker
I'm treading on thin ice with this one, so before it gets totally played out, a quote from "Lil' Jon" to describe Monday night's UB playoff game."YEAAAAAAAAAAH!"Seriously though, how intense was Monday night's game?
UB's Magical Mystery Tour
Okay, so I know that the victories, er, let me rephrase that, the pimp-slapping of the No. 1 and 2 teams in the Mid-American Conference East were, to say the least, quite impressive.Even more so, I realize that the tasty thought of Monday's unprecedented home MAC playoff game against a conference bottom feeder and the subsequent MAC Tournament in Cleveland is causing the Mighty Maniac nation to collectively foam at the mouth.And believe me, this is okay, because UB has long needed something to believe in besides Ron "the Sandwich Guy," but, ladies and gentlemen, there is still some business to attend to if you believe it or not.UB's "Magical 'Making History' Tour" bus rolls back into Amitrano Arena tonight for the final home game of the regular season at 7 p.m., and what happened last Wednesday in the Kent State game needs an encore.The Buffalo Bulls and their fans cannot let what is happening here slip through their grasp.
Smells Like Bulls' Spirit
"You wanna get nuts? Come on! Let's get nuts!"-Michael Keaton in "Batman"A picture is worth a thousand words, so they say.What I say, is that it's about time to desecrate and defile one certain picture that has been bothering me for quite some time.You can't help but notice the enlarged and framed photograph behind the counter in Campus Caf?
A 'Sea of Blue' Expected at Bulls Game Wednesday
When the Mid-American Conference-leading Kent State Golden Flashes come to Alumni Arena on Wednesday night, a "sea of blue" is expected to wash them away and out of town.That is the plan, at least.The UB athletic department is urging all that attend the 7 p.m.