Student Arrested after Skiing Down O'Brian Hall

The Spectrum

University Police arrested UB student Douglas Marong Saturday after repeated attempts to ski down O'Brian Hall.

Marong, a senior computer engineering major, skied down the 75-degree slope that constitutes the fa?\0xA4ade, which faces the Spine on North Campus.

Marong was charged with disorderly conduct and breaking and entering. He allegedly broke into the Alumni Development Office on the third floor of O'Brian to ski off the balcony that overlooks the building's incline.

The student shrugged off the charges.

"Give me a break. Any building that looks that stupid is just begging to be abused," said Marong following his arrest. "The cops should be lucky I didn't take a dump on the thing after I was done."

Marong also dismissed any apparent bodily harm that would result from the incident.

"Skiing off of O'Brian is just the first step. I'm taking this all the way, baby. Next, you'll see me parachuting off of Hoochie," said Marong, referring to Hochstetter and Cooke Hall. "I live my life a quarter mile at a time, b----. You can't play the game if you can't take the pain."

Director of University Police John Grela said he would consider dismissing the charges.

"I say let the kid off and allow natural selection to take its course," Grela said. "He's not likely to survive another few trips down that slope, anyway."