"Director James Foley, UB Alum, Debuts Hollywood Film Tonight"
"Confidence," the new film by director James Foley, portrays how a team of grifters steal $5 million from a bank.
End-of-the-Year Concert Calendar
Due to the unusually high volume of noteworthy concerts arriving in the Western New York area in the coming days and weeks, The Spectrum has decided to compile a calendar of events.
Movie Review: 'The Italian Job' (***1/2)
After stealing $35 million in gold bars, master safecracker John Bridger, played by an old but nimble Donald Sutherland, says:"There are two kinds of thieves.
"Movie Review: Identity"" (***1/2)"
It was a dark and stormy night and a killer was on the loose. And one by one, people began to die.Okay, so "Identity" isn't going to score brownie points from moviegoers with a one-of-a-kind premise.
Chappelle Smokes Up UB
When comedian Dave Chappelle ambled his way on the Mainstage Theatre in the Center for the Arts on Wednesday night, it was difficult to determine whether he was high.
Student Arrested after Skiing Down O'Brian Hall
University Police arrested UB student Douglas Marong Saturday after repeated attempts to ski down O'Brian Hall.
"Distinguished Speakers Fall 2003: Jenna Jameson, R. Kelly and Terry Bradshaw"
Best known for her titillating work in such films as "Up and Cummers 10," "Hard Evidence" and "Philmore Butts Taking Care of Business," adult film star Jenna Jameson will headline UB's 17th Annual Distinguished Speakers Series.According to William J.
UB Greeks on MTV
"Hi, we're the girls of Delta Xi Omega, and we're standing on the campus at the University of Buffalo."More specifically, Talia Caruso, a senior speech and hearing science major and president of Delta Xi Omega (DZO), is standing near Baird Point on a sunny day.
Movie Review: Dark Blue (****)
One hour before a verdict is ready to ignite Los Angeles in flames, Sergeant Eldon Perry is dazed in his bedroom, with a half empty bottle of whiskey on the nightstand.
Movie Review: Daredevil
Kingpin dents the ceiling of his office with the body of Daredevil. Daredevil shatters the stained glass of a cathedral with the body of Bullseye.