Alumni Fund New Generation of Giving

Continuing efforts to raise $250 million for UB, the Generation to Generation campaign is on the way to meeting its goal and administrators remain hopeful about the campaign's ultimate success.

The campaign - the first of its kind to incorporate both national and international alumni and be completely volunteer-run - began in 1996 with a monetary goal of $250 million. With donations ranging from minor amounts to multi-million dollar contributions, UB is making headway in its ambitious efforts.

So far, $166,275,715 has been committed to the campaign, nearly half of that consisting of donations from alumni. Corporate gifts comprise the second largest contribution, but still constitute only 17 percent.

"Through this campaign, we are reaching out to our alumni and friends spanning several generations, reconnecting with our past as a private institution, the University of Buffalo, and building an even brighter future as a public institution," said President William R. Greiner, speaking at last week's Campaign for UB national committee meeting.

Already establishing itself as a well-known research school, the university hopes this project will give UB's wide range of academic schools the financial ability to continue and enhance their programs.

At the Campaign for UB meeting, both international and national alumni met to discuss the campaign's progress, along with representatives from the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Health Related Professions and the Law School.

Greiner opened the meeting with a presentation on the speed and mission of the campaign, expressing hope that the campaign will serve to cement UB as a top research and academic facility.

"We are extremely fortunate to have some of our best and brightest alumni providing leadership for the Campaign for UB as it enters its public phase," said Greiner in a press release.

Donations can be earmarked for specific schools and scholarship programs. An anonymous donor gave $5.6 million to support UB's Distinguished Honors Scholar Program and Jeremy Jacobs Sr. donated the Jacob's Executive Management Center, a mansion in downtown Buffalo, to be used for the education and training of persons in managerial positions.

According to Greiner, the general pool of money raised by the campaign will be used for a variety of purposes, including expanding and elevating the quality of graduate programs, particularly at the master's level; recruitment of additional faculty in targeted areas of the university and the placement of greater importance on research initiatives.

In addition to helping schools within UB, the Generation to Generation campaign financially supports the university's libraries, computing sites, faculty and equipment. The overarching goal is to funnel donation revenues into campus improvements that contribute to nurturing UB's academic stature and reputation.