Isabella Nurt


Jewish Community Center prepares to hold 34th annual Buffalo International Jewish Film Festival
The 34th annual Buffalo International Jewish Film Festival — the longest-running film festival in Buffalo — will take place March 22-28. The Jewish Community Center-run festival will feature critically acclaimed documentaries and dramas from around the world.
Naan-Tastic: a revolution in fast food
When UB alum Aman Singh and his brother Ajay Singh opened the doors to Naan-Tastic this past weekend, they were hoping to start a revolution in Buffalo. A food revolution. 
Help wanted: a sign for the times
If you’re looking for a job, you’re in luck because help-wanted signs seem to be strewn everywhere these days. I waited in line for 20 minutes at Tim Hortons drive-thru just the other day for an egg and cheese croissant.  When I pulled up to the window, a sweaty teenage boy handed it to me in a huff and said, “Sorry, we’re super low on people lately.” 
Around town: Best thrift stores
Thrifting — it’s like getting hand-me-downs —only they come from strangers and you pay for them. But thrifting is really the best way to update your closet while on the college budget. There are so many reasons to skip the mall and thrift. Buying used clothing is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Is it really necessary for you to buy those mass-produced faded mom-jeans from Urban Outfitters when there is a perfectly good pair at your local thrift store? Is there anything more satisfying than when someone asks you where you got your cool new leather jacket and you can say you found it at a thrift store? Take that, Sharon, I know you’re trying to cop my style, but you’ll never find this at Forever 21.
Can you explain the Dow?
I’m 16 and I’m watching Margot Robbie explain subprime mortgages while she’s taking a bubble bath in the film, “The Big Short.” “These risky mortgages are called subprime, so whenever you hear subprime, think s––t,” she said and tosses back a glass of champagne.
Feeling the breeze
The Buffalo winter is upon campus and students are shuffling through the slush and zipping parka coats up to their noses to stay warm.  But Anna Seidl, a sophomore theater performance and psychology major, said she never wears a coat outside during the winter.
Seeking broke girls
Krystina Minckal* was struggling.  Her minimum-wage job at FedEx was not covering her car payments last year. Single and broke, Minckal decided to look for a sugar daddy.
Life after controversy
Father Roy Herberger, a priest at UB’s Newman Center, returned to active ministry in December. He returned to a warm welcome in light of a six-month suspension, caused by a sexual abuse claim.
An academic revolution: Professors, community members reflect on UB's active political past
It was 1970 and Bruce Jackson was eating his typical dinner near South Campus. But Jackson, a new faculty member at the time, noticed trouble.
Buffalo's Flyest
One of the most celebrated American holidays is fast approaching: Black Friday.  This week, millions will stampede into chain clothing stores across the nation to snag the hottest trends. But if you prefer not to join the masses in this major frenzy, try visiting some locally owned stores instead.