‘Jojo Rabbit’ shines as harrowing child-like satire on Nazi Germany
Film: Jojo Rabbit Release Date: Oct. 18 (Select Theatres), Nov. 8 (Everywhere) Studio: Fox Searchlight Pictures Grade: 8.5/10 
Rocky Horror party brings shadow acting, drag to Buffalo
Most movie-goers head to theaters with pockets full of smuggled sweets.  But on Friday night, the Riviera Theatre provided a different kind of viewing essential for guests. Scott toilet paper.
RuPaul’s drag queens ‘save the galaxy’
Sophia Scime didn’t want a new car for her sweet 16. She wanted tickets to RuPaul’s “Werq the World Tour.”  The Buffalo high schooler’s birthday got a little more fierce when she was invited on stage by hostess Asia O’Hara to take part in a game during the show. Even though Scime didn’t win the contest, she left the stage smiling, knowing it was a birthday gift she would never forget.
Haunting Halloween music picks
The Halloween season consists of cutesy costumes, silly jack-o-lanterns and enough candy to induce a sugar coma, but what makes this time of year so interesting and unique is its underlying theme of terror.  People get their kicks out of being scared s--tless and especially during Halloween. Why else would so many people come together every year to watch possession-infested films and visit haunted houses? Music around this time of year shouldn’t be any different, it should scare the hell out of you, too.