Quality quarantine: Best ways to keep yourself entertained while social distancing
Going into quarantine may feel like losing access to some of the most fulfilling forms of entertainment. It means saying goodbye to watching movies with friends, rock concerts and even visits to the zoo, right? Wrong.  There are still plenty of ways to stay in touch with the boredom-busters you’ve been missing while still being safe and maintaining distance from others. Sit back, relax and make the most of your quarantine with these unconventional ways to stay entertained.
Don’t let the door hit you on the way out
Over the last week, the world that we live in has changed considerably from what it was when we started this semester.  But I don’t have to tell you that. 
Students face limited on-campus dining options during first spring-break weekend
After university officials announced Wednesday that “dining will be open for students who remain on campus” given a “distance-learning” shift at UB, students woke up to the contrary on Saturday. Security gates shut down popular on-campus food establishments Saturday and the only places open on campus were in The Commons, which does not accept student dining plans.
Students in Theatre and Dance department push for exception to ‘distance-learning’ model
Students in UB’s Theatre and Dance department sent letters to the department chair, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, provost and president asking for an exception to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s newly implemented “distance-learning” class model.
SA president remains suspended after three failed motions to reinstate
Student Association President Yousouf Amolegbe has waited for a follow-up decision on his now five-plus-week suspension, as the SA Board of Directors continues to vote to keep it in place. The BOD met Thursday as SA Treasurer Kendra Harris motioned to reopen the discussion of Amolgebe’s suspension.
Found through fashion
Julia Erbacher was always sure that she wanted to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology.  But her college journey didn’t go as she expected. After starting at Niagara County College Community College, changing her major three times and finally deciding to study Spanish education at UB, she still couldn’t shake her vigor for vogue.
Freedom to feel beautiful
I was kept prisoner by a three-digit number for years.  Every morning, the first thing I would do when I got out of bed was step on the scale and allow whatever arbitrary number appeared to dictate my day.
It’s not easy being green
Every kid grows up waiting for those big milestone birthdays that define their path to adulthood. Many idolize turning 16 because they can’t wait to get behind the wheel of a car. Others look forward to 21 so they can have their first legal drink.  But I always looked forward to 18 so I could finally fulfill my civic duty to vote.
UB community shares excitement over Best Picture winner
More than 20 million people from different countries and backgrounds tune into The Academy Awards each year.  But in over nine decades of award shows, there have only been 11 foreign films nominated for best picture at The Oscars. And the cinematic honor has never been awarded to any movie made outside of the U.S.
Ancient Egyptian mummies invade the Buffalo Museum of Science
A dark room filled with nameless corpses might not seem like a great place to spend an afternoon. But paired with unique coffins, intricate Graeco-Egyptian portraits and gold-coated bandages, the Buffalo Museum of Science offers an exciting and insightful experience.  The Golden Mummies of Egypt’s world premiere Saturday welcomed coffins, corpses and culture to Buffalo. The display, on tour from the Manchester Museum’s world-class collection, features a series of mummies and artifacts from the Graeco-Roman period of Egyptian culture. The artifacts date as far back as 332 B.C.E. and are combined with an enticing mix of immersive technology that connects the ancient and modern worlds.