Arts Desk 2019 album picks
As 2019 comes to an end, it’s time to reflect on the year’s finest musical releases. The past 12 months have provided listeners with quality music. Pop and hip-hop continued their chart domination with notable releases from Lizzo, Ariana Grande and Tyler, the Creator, while rock and metal contributed with strong efforts from Blood Incantation, The Twilight Sad and Opeth.
Women have been ‘surfing the crimson tide’ long enough
Once a month, I find the best way to spend the minute break between my classes is frantically searching through my bag for a tampon that isn’t there.  As I rush into class 15 minutes late, the cherry on top is that explaining the reason behind my delinquency is completely out of the question.
‘Jersey Boys’ takes Buffalo crowd back in a ‘time machine’ of its own
Audience members shielded their eyes as they were blinded by the same light 1960s rock band the Four Seasons experienced at its sold-out shows. The "Jersey Boys” cast members faced upstage, with their backs turned toward the audience as they shared the feeling of stardom with the nostalgic crowd, some of whom were fans of the foursome since their start.
Why I don’t watch porn
I have never watched porn.  Some people may believe this to be a bold-faced lie, but it’s not. Throughout my entire life I’ve made an active choice to avoid graphic pornographic material, and have never, even tried searching for any kind of the content. 
The Buffalo Chips put on Fall Classic as group nears 25th anniversary
Concert-goers are known to put up phone-lights to show their love for performers. But on Saturday, UB a cappella fans instead showed their affection in a more comical fashion: Waving giant signs with the performers’ faces on them.
‘Jojo Rabbit’ shines as harrowing child-like satire on Nazi Germany
Film: Jojo Rabbit Release Date: Oct. 18 (Select Theatres), Nov. 8 (Everywhere) Studio: Fox Searchlight Pictures Grade: 8.5/10 
Rocky Horror party brings shadow acting, drag to Buffalo
Most movie-goers head to theaters with pockets full of smuggled sweets.  But on Friday night, the Riviera Theatre provided a different kind of viewing essential for guests. Scott toilet paper.
RuPaul’s drag queens ‘save the galaxy’
Sophia Scime didn’t want a new car for her sweet 16. She wanted tickets to RuPaul’s “Werq the World Tour.”  The Buffalo high schooler’s birthday got a little more fierce when she was invited on stage by hostess Asia O’Hara to take part in a game during the show. Even though Scime didn’t win the contest, she left the stage smiling, knowing it was a birthday gift she would never forget.
Haunting Halloween music picks
The Halloween season consists of cutesy costumes, silly jack-o-lanterns and enough candy to induce a sugar coma, but what makes this time of year so interesting and unique is its underlying theme of terror.  People get their kicks out of being scared s--tless and especially during Halloween. Why else would so many people come together every year to watch possession-infested films and visit haunted houses? Music around this time of year shouldn’t be any different, it should scare the hell out of you, too.