The top five spookiest bathrooms on campus
As an avid bathroom user –– mostly due to high consumption of C3 –– I have become a campus bathroom connoisseur. Through my two years at UB, I’ve used almost every male bathroom on North Campus. When duty calls, you don’t refuse.
Buffalo Bulls II
The Buffalo Bills are so bad that the only time they make SportsCenter is when their fans jump through tables.  Year after year, quarterback after quarterback, #BillsMafia has been let down. Our only hope was Josh Allen but for some reason, they let Nathan Peterman — who throws to the other team more than his own team — play.
How to play dominos with Domino’s
As a college student, diet becomes our last concern.  The word “vegetable” becomes as dead as Vine (R.I.P.) and the options for food on campus aren’t the healthiest, nor the tastiest. 
Baseball team's new 'home run' attitude
UB’s new baseball club team continues to electrify the diamond after a devastating cut to the Division I baseball team in 2017.