"A Little Time, A Lot to Give"
Julia Perot stared at her computer screen, her mind running in overdrive as accounts of the devastation from the 2010 Haitian earthquake flashed across CNN's homepage. Perot, a senior mechanical engineering major, is a unique news consumer in that these stories, combined with her skill set and her personal faith, prompted her to take action. Joined by her twin sister Laura, a senior computer science major, Aaron Boucher, a junior health and human services major, Arthur Adams, a 2010 UB alumnus, her father, and her pastor, she will spend the first week of June in Port-au-Prince serving an orphanage in the still-struggling city. The main goal of the project will be to repair the water tower at the orphanage, which the approximately 100 residents and missionaries have no choice but to bathe in and drink from ? at the risk of infection.
Destination: Buffalo and Beyond
When I was in the fourth grade at home in Brooklyn, our teacher asked us to write a journal entry about the one place in the world we would love to visit. I picked Buffalo. My teacher was flabbergasted.
UB Council and Graduate Student Association Election Results Pending Confirmation
Results are in for last week's UB Council and Graduate Student Association elections, but they remain unofficial as of press time, according to Mike Lewis, a student activities associate in the office of Student Life. Mia Jorgensen, who received 259 votes, is expected to be the new UB Council student representative.
VOICE Party Sweeps SA Elections
A cheer rose in 350 Student Union on Thursday evening when the Student Association elections ended in a decisive victory for the VOICE Party, with all of its candidates dominating student ballots.
From Apathy to Activism
This will be the 10th column I've written for The Spectrum, and I've yet to take a stand. That might be an exaggeration, as all columns are expected to make a point of some kind, but there is an obvious trend in the columns I've written.
Strong Gas Smell in Fronczak Hall Under Investigation
University Police evacuated Fronczak Hall Tuesday afternoon due to a strong natural gas odor in the building. An initial e-mail alert, sent out at 5:18 p.m., warned students, faculty, and staff to stay away from the building.
UB Closes in Anticipation of Severe Snowstorm
The University at Buffalo announced that all day and evening classes are canceled Wednesday due to the impending snowstorm.
"In Buffalo, It's ""Snow Problem"""
When the Dec. 26 storm hit New York City and I was home on winter break, my family and friends couldn't resist asking me, "You go to school in Buffalo.
Culture of Competition
"Two-thirds of you will either fail this class or drop out of school." For college freshmen, these words are undoubtedly startling and troubling.