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Saturday, September 30, 2023
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(L to R) Larry Hott, director-producer, "The Warrior Tradition;" Calen Abrams (Seneca), director-producer, "Art, Honor & Service;" DJ Vanas (Odawa) motivational storyteller; and John Grant, chief program officer WNED, "The Warrior Tradition"

Documentaries tell indigenous military veterans’ ‘largely untold story’ during Native American Heritage Month

Native Americans have the highest per-capita U.S. military service rate out of any group in America.  This fact is widely unknown to the public, but WNED documentaries are highlighting the stories of indigenous people across native tribes who enlist in large numbers to fight for the government that sought to eradicate their cultures centuries ago. 

Screencap from Oct. 6 livestream where Hearthstone player Blitzchung voiced support for protests in Hong Kong.

UB gamers show mixed feelings toward Blizzard’s Hong Kong controversy

One of the gaming world’s beloved companies is facing criticism after a top gamer showed support for Hong Kong. On Oct. 8, Blizzard, creator of games like World of Warcraft and Overwatch, announced it would ban and revoke prize money from Hearthstone pro and Hong Kong native Ng Wai Chung (username Blitzchung). Chung, who won the company’s Asia-Pacific Hearthstone Grandmasters Tournament, wore a mask during an interview to show solidarity with Hong Kong natives looking to retain autonomy from maintain China.

The album cover to the band’s newest release “Hidden History of the Human Race.”

Behind the blast beats: A conversation with Blood Incantation

Death metal reigned supreme in Mohawk Place Wednesday while growls, grunts and brutal riffs pulverized the audience. Denver’s Blood Incantation, one of the more innovative modern metal bands, has effortlessly blended psychedelic jams, progressive song structures and punishing riffs since its formation in 2011. The extreme metal quartet is breaking into the mainstream, earning Pitchfork’s Best New Track on Oct. 11 for “Inner Paths (To Outer Space).” 

Zodiaque dancers performing to the piece "Kyrie Eleison."

Dance transcends beyond the stage

Zodiaque Dance Company doesn’t always have to be on stage to entice its crowds. During this weekend’s performances, Zodiaque won over audiences with “As Within, So Without,” a pre-recorded, on-stage visual display.

Drag queens and performers closing RuPaul's drag race 2019  "Werq the World Tour" at UB.

RuPaul’s drag queens ‘save the galaxy’

Sophia Scime didn’t want a new car for her sweet 16. She wanted tickets to RuPaul’s “Werq the World Tour.”  The Buffalo high schooler’s birthday got a little more fierce when she was invited on stage by hostess Asia O’Hara to take part in a game during the show. Even though Scime didn’t win the contest, she left the stage smiling, knowing it was a birthday gift she would never forget.

The vinyl cover for Cryptopsy's 1996 album "None So Vile."

Haunting Halloween music picks

The Halloween season consists of cutesy costumes, silly jack-o-lanterns and enough candy to induce a sugar coma, but what makes this time of year so interesting and unique is its underlying theme of terror.  People get their kicks out of being scared s--tless and especially during Halloween. Why else would so many people come together every year to watch possession-infested films and visit haunted houses? Music around this time of year shouldn’t be any different, it should scare the hell out of you, too.

Jazz group Easy Life spoke to us after Governors Ball and is featured in this week’s Artist Spotlight.

Artist spotlight: Easy Life

Brockhampton’s Kevin Abstract may follow Easy Life on Instagram, but the band still isn’t sure if he’s a fan yet. To be fair, he probably heard the horn section in their track “Nightmares” –– along with roughly 10 million other people –– and hit the follow button.


Zodiaque prepares for ‘versatile’ fall performances

Versatility matters. Zodiaque Dance Company’s artistic director Kerry Ring know this. And she wants her students to know, too. Zodiaque, the long-running and highly praised on-campus dance company made up of 25 dance majors, is hosting its fall performance on the Center for the Arts Drama Stage from Thursday to Sunday. The company is known for its stylistic versatility and Ring wants the phrase “versatility matters” to be the main focus in every Zodiaque performance, every year.

The cosplay club eboard discusses upcoming meetings in front of the Student Union.

Cosplay artform brings UB students together

When Jennifer Dudzinski started her freshman year at UB, she had one friend and a casual interest in cosplay –– an artform where people create and wear costumes of characters from movies, books, video games and other forms of media. After her friend persuaded her to join the UB Cosplay Club, Dudzinski, who had no prior experience making costumes, says she fell in love.

The town square of the 1998 film, Halloweentown.

'Halloweentown' hits

As spooky season descends upon us, more people have been getting in the mood for Halloween movies, with one of the most popular franchises being Disney’s “Halloweentown.”  “Halloweentown” has defined many of our childhoods. But with several sequels, it is time to answer the age-old question: Which is the best “Halloweentown” movie?

Sameer Gadhia, lead singer of Young the Giant, performs at the Center for the Arts Saturday.

Young the Giant brings high energy to indie rock Fall Fest

Fall Fest was Verzache’s first time performing for a live crowd. Ever.  And although Young the Giant has performed at UB before, Saturday was the first time students bowed at the lead singer’s feet. The night of firsts wasn’t shaky, however, as fans and newcomers alike put on a stellar indie-themed Student Association Fall Fest at the Center for the Arts.

Young the Giant performing at Spring Fest 2015.

Fall Fest playlist: A quick guide to Young the Giant and Verzache

The Fall Fest Concert Series continues Saturday with its “Indie-Rock Showcase,” the second show of the three-part series.  Rockers Young the Giant –– who headlined Spring Fest 2015 –– will headline the show as relaxed crooner Verzache opens the show. To get hyped up for fest, here’s a list of seven songs (three by Verzache and four by Young the Giant) to familiarize yourself with before heading to the Center for the Arts Saturday night.

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