Great games you can pass the time with during quarantine
Reading this, you’ve likely endured life in quarantine for over a month now, desperately looking for ways to pass the time.  Well, millions of people are turning to video games, but not all are sure of what their next play should be.
‘The New Abnormal’ struggles to break out of The Strokes’ past
Artist: The Strokes Album: “The New Abnormal” Label: RCA Release Date: April 10 Rating: 6/10
The best shows to binge watch during quarantine
It’s been roughly a month of quarantine and you’ve already binge watched all of your favorite television shows, some possibly more than once.  Before you resort to rewatching “Rick and Morty” for the tenth time, be sure to check out this list of marathon-worthy shows.
‘Hip-hop is everywhere:’ Professor Mopelolade Ogunbowale shows students the genre’s international effects
Mopelolade Ogunbowale has dedicated her life to studying different cultures. And when she took over UB’s popular Hip Hop and Social Issues class, she decided to carry over her own international focus to teaching one of the world’s most popular genres.