Fall fashion trends

Clothes, accessories and beauty styles to watch out for this semester


The leaves are starting to change and so are styles. Top designers have already held runway shows forecasting fall’s upcoming clothing, accessory and beauty trends.

Here are some styles to be on the lookout for as the semester continues.


 Plaid covered the Fall 2018 runways this season. For a print that always has been considered a great fall-staple, designers are now making things more interesting this season. Think like Cher from the movie “Clueless” and go for a bright, colorful plaid. Pink, red, orange and blue plaid ensembles have all graced the runways this season.

 It may be 2018, but some runways indicate that we are back in the ‘80s. For this season, think shoulderpads, hot pink, oversized suits and neon prints. It might not be for everyone, but the decade’s controversial fashion trends are most definitely making a comeback this fall.

 Practical and now fashionable, tights are also in season this fall. From neutrals to bright colors, covered legs walked all over the runways. Tights in the fall-time allow you to continue wearing skirts and dresses into the colder months. Best of all, tights add an extra layer of warmth on those chilly fall days and let’s be honest: hide leg hair if you forgot to shave.

 The last trend you should shop for this fall is prairie-inspired and western-inspired styles. Prairie dresses, cowboy boots, saddle bags and more have been spotted for this season. From muted neutrals, western prints and long layers –– you can easily bring “Little House on the Prairie” to the halls of UB this semester.


 In addition to clothes, there are also new trends in accessories. Luckily, the impractical micro bag trend seems to have faded to give rise to bigger, better bags. Oversized bags are not only practical for carrying books and binders, but also fashionable.

 Rose-colored glasses are not just a metaphor anymore –– they’re one of fall’s favorite trends this year. Sunglasses with colored shades are now in fashion. Lense colors that have been featured in fashion shows include pink, blue, red and even green.

 Sabrina Sapor, a junior dance major, said she’s sure colored lens “probably look aesthetically pleasing,” but she’s unsure about “seeing the world in a different color.”

“I don’t know if I would want to see in blue, I feel like it would throw me off,” Sapor said. “From the outside, they probably are cute — if they match your outfit or eye color, great. But would they even shield you from the sun?  That’s the whole point of sunglasses.”

 As for jewelry, pearls seem to be the gemstone of the season. But these aren’t your grandmother’s typical necklace pearls. This fall, you can find pearls gracing modern-style earrings or accompanied by other gems. If typical pearl jewelry isn’t your style, have no fear. Asymmetrical and colorful pearls have all gleamed in this season’s spotlight.

 Katie Sitts, a senior exercise science major, said she is happy pearls are in season this year.

 “I really like pearls. They’re classy and you can dress them up or down.  They pretty much go with anything,” Sitts said. “If I went to wear earrings, they’d probably be pearls.”


 The messy bun gets a royal twist this fall. Meghan Markle’s, the new Duchess of Sussex, signature messy updo is the inspiration for many hairstyles coming up. College women rejoice as the messy bun, a bad hair-day staple, is not only easy to do, but now is considered fashionable.

 Just because summer is over, doesn’t mean you need to stop using highlighter. Highlighting the inner eyes with a white shadow and the cupid’s bow of your lips with gold highlight were both trends seen on the runways. It’s an easy way to make your features pop and brings a little more brightness and shine into fall. 

 Nails also get a makeover this semester and one of the best ways to do it is with a French manicure, however, this classic gets an upgrade this fall. Opt for darker, moody shades, like a rich burgundy for the base of the nail. When accompanied with the traditional white tips, this manicure feels fresh, modern and ready for fall. 

 Ellinor Widroth, a graduate student in industrial design, likes the updated French manicure design.  

“I like to paint my nails, so I would absolutely do [the trend],” Widroth said.

 She said she likes different nail colors and “it’s good to have variation. [The trend] is very creative.”

 Whether you already have some of these styles in your closet and beauty drawer or set out to hit the local malls this semester, be on the lookout for these styles here at UB and try some of these trends for yourself.

Kirsten Dean is the assistant features editor and can be reached at kirsten.dean@ubspectrum.com and @KirstenUBSpec on Twitter.