Black Student Union elects 2018-2019 e-board


UB’s largest student body club, the Black Student Union, held its election for the upcoming year’s e-board last Wednesday in front of a packed crowd. Ayenoumou Barry, Daniel Edwards and Kendra Harris were elected president, vice president and treasurer, respectively, and both Edwards and Lucas Furlow won seats as activities coordinators for next year.

BSU is the largest club on the People of Color council with over 300 members, and will wield a budget of $33,000 dollars, according to the 2018-2019 Student Association budget packet.

According to Barry, all of the candidates ran unopposed, but the election was still relatively rigorous for those running.

“Questioning from the general body and our panel is very thorough to ensure that everyone elected by the general body is qualified for their position,” Barry wrote in an email.

Barry, a senior sociology major, also wrote that she would like to expand on the annual Welcome Back Celebration barbecue held by the club on the first weekend of classes. She said she would like to collaborate with other student organizations to have an event every day during Labor Day weekend to expose new students to different clubs on campus.

Harris, who previously served as secretary for the club, wrote in an email that she wanted to become more involved in the club because it will give her a forum to discuss issues within the black community.

“The BSU provides me with a safe space where I am comfortable addressing issues that affect me and my community free from judgment, allows me to voice my concerns as a black student on campus and allows me to learn more about black history and culture,” wrote Harris.

As treasurer, Harris said she wants BSU fundraisers to focus more on economic issues facing the black community and “educating the students on financial literacy.”

Senior economics major Patrick Strickland attended the first Q&A portion of the election and said the process was “intense.”

He said the questions asked by the audience were “tough” and measured the candidates’ critical thinking skills.

Rudolph Walker, a BSU general body member and senior political science major, also remarked that the elections were “intense,” but thought the candidates did well.

“[Barry] is definitely going to do a great job,” Deon said.

Recently, the BSU has produced a number of students who have gone on to hold a seat on the SA e-board.

Current SA President Leslie Veloz was BSU vice president before running for her SA position and incoming SA Vice President Anyssa Evelyn held the position of BSU events coordinator.

Haruka Kosugi is an assistant news editor and can be reached at and @kosugispec .