Anal-ize this

A look behind students' thoughts on analingus


For Sofia Rapatsouleas, analingus is a routine part of sex.

Analingus is the oral sex practice where a person stimulates another’s anus by use of their mouth, including lips, tongue or teeth.

Forty-four of 356 students polled indicated they have participated in analingus during sex, according to The Spectrum’s Sex Survey.

While many people find the act offputting, those who engage in analingus –– or rimming –– say it is a pleasurable experience and encourage others to try.

“Rimming has become a routine at this point, as we engage in it everytime we have sex,” said Rapatsouleas, a senior sociology major.

“I love everything about rimming and I recommend that people should give it a go, especially if you are trying to spice up a relationship. It is definitely a pleasurable experience and it keeps our sex life interesting.”

Memes concerning analingus have dominated the internet in recent years and popular rap artist Nicki Minaj has bragged about how much she enjoys getting her salad tossed numerous times in her songs, asking for someone to “point [her] to the best ass-eater.”

In other chart-topping hits like the 2014 Omarion song “Post to Be,” artist Jhené Aiko called for partners to “eat the booty like groceries.” Even Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart titled works with analingus sensibilities, titling one composition “Leck mich im Arsch” (Lick me in the arse) over 200 years ago.

Individuals who practice analingus should take the proper precautions, however, as there are chances the act can lead to an STI, gastrointestinal infection, E. coli, salmonella and even HIV.

Charlie Glickman is a sex and relationship coach and educator. Glickman, author of “The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure: Erotic Exploration For Men and Their Partners,” suggests some helpful tips that can provide protection while rimming.

“Make sure that the receiving partner washes well externally, which is easy to with soap and water, but also be aware of how your partner is feeling and confirm that they have not had any digestive issues in the past few days,” Glickman said.

“I also suggest using a barrier, such as a dam or Saran wrap by putting lubricant on the anus of the receiver, laying the barrier over the anus and licking through the material.”

Taylor Marabella, a freshman biomedical engineering major, was dumbfounded after finding out some people have a sexual preference for rimming.

“I really thought ‘eating booty’ was a joke because I see people tweet about it all the time and there are funny memes that display the act,” Marabella said. “I could not imagine myself ever doing that because I do not want my mouth around that area and I do not want someone else’s mouth around that area of mine.”

Some people don’t want their anuses to be involved in sexual pleasure, but Glickman encourages individuals to experiment with their bodies and discover new stimulations they might enjoy.

“If you cannot be present in every part of your body, you cannot be fully present in your body,” Glickman said. “I have spoken to many women about rimming and they have told me it feels amazing because it provides a gentle physical stimulation to a part of your body that does not receive a lot of touch.”

Rapatsouleas has never achieved an orgasm from analingus, but said it enhances orgasms when combined with other stimulation.

“If other parts of my body are being sexually stimulated at the same time that it is being done, it definitely enhances my orgasm,” Rapatsouleas said.

Much of the stigma against analingus revolves around the primary use for the anus: expelling waste from the body.

Patrick O’Brien, a junior legal studies major, thinks experiences with rimming are appalling.

“The anus is only meant for an exit, never an entrance for anything to go in,” O’Brien said. “If I were to ever have any thoughts about trying it, I would get a mental image of feces coming out and it would turn me away.”

For Glickman, men tend to stray away from stimulation of their anus as a means of protecting their heterosexuality.

“Anal stimulation is just as pleasurable for men as it is for women because they both have the same nerve endings there,” Glickman said. “I think it is great when men explore their anal pleasure because it will make you a better giver when you know what it is like to recieve.”

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