UB donor to plead not guilty on federal charges centering on alleged opioid scheme

University releases statement on latest development

UB has released a statement acknowledging the recent updates in the federal case against big-time donor John Kapoor. Kapoor was arrested Oct. 26, accused of leading his pharmaceutical company’s alleged nation-wide scheme to increase opioid sales. Kapoor's company allegedly used bribes and kickbacks for employees to prescribe the drug to patients who didn’t need it.

Kapoor’s attorney told reporters Thursday that they plan to fight the case and plead not guilty, following Kapoor’s arraignment.

“UB spokesperson John Della Contrada released a statement following the news on Thursday. The statement said UB is aware of the “very serious criminal allegations” against Kapoor and the “devastating effects of opioid addiction in this country.”

Kapoor, who earned his doctorate from UB in medicinal chemistry, donated $11 million to the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences in 2011. The building, which houses the Pharmacy school, is currently named after Kapoor and his late wife, Editha.

The university’s statement said it is currently reviewing policies pertaining to named buildings and will continue to monitor the developing legal proceedings.

“The abuse of opioid medications is a severe national problem, one that the University at Buffalo is committed to combating everyday through our faculty research, patient care and community outreach and the training of highly skilled, compassionate healthcare professionals,” the statement reads.

Sarah Crowley is the senior news editor and can be reached at sarah.crowley@ubspectrum.com