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Steering committee seeks student input on Global Market Cafe

Students and faculty are invited to share their input on the global market cafe with members of the steering committee, according to UBNow. The focus groups are open to the campus and will take place at 9 a.m., 12 p.m., 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. Participants will taste from an array of internationally-inspired cuisine in the Student Union lobby. They will also take surveys.

Participants will be able to pose questions to representatives from Cannon Design, the WNY-based global design firm selected for the project’s design team. The Global Market Cafe is the third part of UB’s Heart of the Campus initiative, and is anticipated to be completed by 2020.

UB employees eligible for solar discounts

The Office of Sustainability will hold two “lunch-and-learns” for faculty and staff to find out more about discounts available for residential solar power, according to UBNow. The WNY Sustainable Business Roundtable allows for UB employees to receive up to 17 percent off solar installations through Nov. 30.

Presentations will be held on Oct. 19 from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. at the Center for Tomorrow, North Campus; and on Oct. 24 from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. at 403 Hayes Hall, South Campus. Employees can register online to attend either of these lunch sessions.


Buffalo police investigating incident near South Campus

Buffalo police are investigating an incident which took place on Winspear Ave near South Campus. Two women reported to police that they were approached by two males at approximately 1:10 a.m. Sunday.

One of the suspects allegedly pointed what appeared to be a silver handgun at one of the women, then fled toward Bailey Avenue. The suspects did not demand anything from the women and no one was harmed, according to a UB alert sent out at 12:15 p.m. Sunday.

The victims described the suspect who held the gun as looking between 18-20 years old, around five feet, two inches tall. The victims could not describe the other suspect.

University Police asked anyone with information to contact UPD at 645-2227 or Buffalo Police E District at (716)851-4416.

Longtime political operative indicted on federal charges

G. Steven Pigeon, former Erie County Democratic Party chair, was indicted on federal charges of bribery, wire fraud and conspiracy. At the same time, a federal complaint over Pigeon’s alleged involvement in an illegal political donation was dismissed.

Prosecutors allege Pigeon bribed former NYS Supreme Court Judge John Michalek; who pleaded guilty to bribery and filing a false instrument in June 2016. Michalek has since resigned from the bench and is cooperating with prosecutors as he awaits sentencing.

Pigeon could face up to 25 years in prison or pay up to $250,000 per count if he is found guilty.


White nationalists march again in Charlottesville

Several dozen people marched in Charlottesville, Virginia on Saturday, led by prominent white nationalist Richard Spencer. The march mimicked last August’s which culminated at the statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. The white supremacists chanted phrases like, “You will not replace us,” according to CNN.

Charlottesville mayor Mike Signer condemned the protesters and told them to go home. In August, a white supremacist march in Charlottesville ended in the death of a counter-protester, Heather Hyer.

Prominent Hollywood mogul accused of decades of sexual harassment toward women

On Oct. 5, The New York Times reported that Harvey Weinstein, prominent Hollywood producer and UB alumnus, had settled hundreds of thousands of dollars in sexual harassment lawsuits. The report cited dozens of current and former employees who allegedly experienced sexual misconduct or unwanted sexual advancements from Weinstein.

Weinstein announced his leave of absence from the Weinstein Company; also issuing an apology in which he said he was trying to fix himself and conquer his demons. Weinstein said he was sorry and knew he caused these women a lot of pain.

The company will conduct its own investigation of potential instances of sexual harassment during this time.


In Spain, 350,000 gathered in opposition to Catalonia’s fight for independence

After last week’s disputed referendum over Catalonia’s independence from Spain, the largest pro-unity rally yet, took place on Sunday, Oct. 8. At least 350,000 people gathered in Catalonia, according to the BBC.

Last week’s referendum showed 93 percent of Catalonians preferred independence. There have been claims from both sides of voting irregularities, and Spanish police seized several ballot boxes. Nearly 900 civilians and 33 officers were injured as the police, attempted to enforce a Spanish court’s ban on the vote.

Animal-keeper in Southern India’s national park mauled to death by two white tigers

Two white tigers mauled and killed an animal-keeper in Southern India on Saturday, Oct. 7. The keeper had been employed by the Bannerghatta Biological Park for a little over a week.

The tigers mauled the keeper, age 40, to death as he attempted to steer the tigers into their enclosure Saturday night, according to the BBC. The tigers attacked him because one the four enclosure gates was not properly shut, according to park officials.

Another keeper at the park was reportedly injured two years ago by lions.

Family members of the deceased park-keeper protested Sunday outside the park for financial compensation over the man’s death. His family said the death was because of the park’s negligence.