Clemens Hall fully reopens Monday

UB maintenance crews will continue to clean and repair the building throughout the week


All classes in Clemens Hall on UB's North Campus will return to their regularly scheduled classrooms beginning Monday, Oct. 23.

A ruptured water valve caused significant flooding on Oct. 17 and led to more than 90 scheduled classes being displaced or canceled over the following week. UB Communications reported on Friday that conditions have improved: UB Facilities and maintenance crews removed all standing water from the building. Crews will work to clean, dehumidify and sanitize affected areas of the building throughout the next week.

Clemens Hall will continue to undergo maintenance; as it is expected that tiling and parts of the ceiling require repair. UB officials caution students and faculty to “be aware of surroundings” and exercise caution in the coming weeks, since there will still be equipment, extension cords and other materials throughout the building. “Lingering odors” can be expected, the alert said, but the smells are not hazardous or harmful and should be gone within the week.

All elevators are returned to their full function, according to the release.