Former SA vice president resigns to work for Senator Chuck Schumer


Megan Glander was faced with one of the hardest decisions of her life when she was offered a job with Senator Chuck Schumer; she could either go after her dream job or stay at UB surrounded by the people she considered her family.

Glander, former Student Association (SA) vice president stepped down from her position to work for Schumer in his Hudson Valley, NY office. Glander graduated early and now works full time for Schumer. Gina Nasca, Engineering Council coordinator, became interim vice president when Glander stepped down from the position. Nasca was officially named vice president on Jan. 31 and will serve as vice president for the remainder of the semester.

Glander was offered the job as Deputy Regional Director for Schumer’s office in December after two rounds of interviews. She was an intern for Schumer in his Buffalo office for six months before she got the job offer.

Glander said she struggled to decide if she was going to take the job because she met so many different people and advocated for the student body during her time at SA. Glander said “as cliché as it sounds,” she just really enjoyed giving back to others.

“I started in SA my freshman year by joining a club and doing some of our community service projects and it was wonderful growing [both] as a person and student through my various roles in the organization,” she said. “It was hard to leave because I really made my home in SA throughout my four years and considered our staff to be more than just employees but family.”

Through her new job with Schumer, Glander is still able to advocate for others the same way she did in SA. Glander works with Westchester County constituents daily, helping them with “a multitude of different concerns.”

SA President Matt Rivera felt sad yet happy for Glander’s success when he learned she was stepping down.

“We had been through this journey together and spent a lot of time getting closer as the year went by,” Rivera said. “Apart from being vice president, she is my friend so I was sad to know that we wouldn't be spending as much time together. At the same time, I was so happy for her, knowing that she was going to be moving on to her dream job.”

The SA constitution states when the vice president resigns, the president and treasurer pick an interim vice president who can then be sworn in by the SA Senate for permanent status.

Glander recommended Gina Nasca to fill her position because she knew she had the work ethic “to give back to the SA clubs in a way that is more than adequate.”

When Nasca was selected as the interim vice president, she and Glander discussed the vice presidential duties. Glander said she explained her current projects to Nasca to ensure a seamless transition.

“When Matt, Dan and I ran to be on the SA executive board, we wanted to make progress and I really believe that we have made so many strides in the right direction, and when I resigned I wanted to make sure that we had someone who would hit the ground running,” Glander said.

The Spectrum reached out to Nasca, but she did not respond in time for print.

Glander said SA ultimately helped her realize her passion in life is helping others with their concerns no matter how small.

“SA has paved my future and I am so grateful for the people who have helped me get to where I am today within the organization,” Glander said. “Keep moving forward and keep making progress.”

Glander said her work for Schumer is quite a change of pace from her work with SA.

“We are always working to help the people in our area and the days fly by because there is just so much to do,” she said. “In the SA office, I was also busy, but the SA employees are ultimately students and being a student also took time.”

Ashley Inkumsah is the co-senior news editor and can be reached at