UB Goodyear Hall marked with vandalism

Vandalism exceeds $10,000 in repairs, consists of broken windows and furniture


University Police are currently investigating vandalism in Goodyear Hall that will exceed $10,000 in repairs.

Campus Living sent out an email to residents living in South Campus’ Goodyear Hall on April 15 stating that lights, ceiling tiles, windows and furniture that is “no longer usable” have been vandalized. The email stated a monetary amount is likely to be charged to each Goodyear Hall resident’s bill if no students come forward.

UB Spokesperson John Della Contrada said University Police are investigating the vandalism and those responsible will be arrested. A reward of $1,000 will be offered to anyone who is willing to provide Campus Living with information.

Approximately 1,000 students live on South Campus and the amount each resident may be charged with has yet to be released.

“Paying for the vandalism personally is quite upsetting to me,” said Kathryn Doherty, president of Goodyear Hall Council and freshman biochemistry major. “I work hard with an organization of my peers to make this building better and to have to pay out of pocket for damage done seems like a contradiction to everything we have working to do all year.”

Doherty has seen the vandalism and the broken windows and finds it upsetting people wouldn’t “respect the building we all call home.” She is also worried about her own personal belongings.

Wet floor signs used by building services staff were also stolen, which has “happened multiple times,” according to the email.

“This behavior is inappropriate and disruptive to all members of our community – those that live here, as well as those that work to maintain it,” said Stephanie Magin, Goodyear residence hall director, in the email.

Magin said that although it’s often just a few students who are responsible for the damage, it is still a “poor reflection on our community in Goodyear Hall.”

Alexandra Torres, a freshman undecided major, said that vandalism is affecting the “appearance” of Goodyear and its residents.

“If those who vandalized the building were willing to go through all that vandalism, then who knows what else they're capable of,” Torres said.

Torres said her resident adviser (RA) held a floor meeting to discuss the matter and her RA said the people who are responsible need to be informed that those who work in Goodyear won’t tolerate these actions.

Della Contrada said students with any information about the vandalism should contact UPD.

Hannah Stein is the co-senior news editor and can be reached at hannah.stein@ubspectrum.com