Exit polls show Progress Party widening lead in UB Student Association elections


Exit poll numbers show the Progress Party is widening its lead in the Student Association elections.

After polling 52 students leaving the voting booths on Tuesday, The Spectrum polled an additional 58 students on Wednesday. Of those 110 students, 70 said they voted for Progress Party candidates Matt Rivera and Megan Glander for president and vice president, respectively. Forty students said they voted for Transparency Party candidates Maximillian Budynek and Daniel Christian for president and vice president, respectively.

In the race for treasurer, Progress Party’s Dan Emmons holds a 60-40 advantage over Carl Ross, who is running alone on the Empowerment Party, based on our polls. Ten students said they voted for independent candidate Aaron Hussain.

Here’s a breakdown

President and vice president

Progress Party (Matt Rivera and Megan Glander) – 70 votes (63 percent)

Transparency Party (Maximillian Budynek and Daniel Christian) – 40 votes (36 percent)


Progress Party (Dan Emmons) – 60 votes (54 percent)

Empowerment Party (Carl Ross) – 40 votes (36 percent)

Aaron Hussain (independent) – 10 votes (9 percent)

Voting ends in the Student Union Theater on Thursday at 5 p.m.

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