Justin Bieber’s purpose

The singer releases comeback album

Justin Bieber is a celebrity and artist who can get the world talking through both his music and his actions.

Bieber released his fourth studio album Purpose on Nov. 13 as his first project of new music after a two-year break of “bad behavior” and the follow-up to his previous album Believe.

Purpose includes 18 new tracks by the singer, produced by artists such as DJs Skrillex and Diplo. This album clocks in at 69 minutes of music that proves to Bieber’s haters and fans that he is in the process of making a comeback.

Whether it is through his music or persona, Bieber has proved that his past childish actions have come to an end. The world has watched and listened to Justin Bieber grow up through his music. As an artist, his albums and songs mature as he does.

Bieber was known as teen heartthrob artist, with a majority of his fans being young and teen girls who loved his gentle lyrics, baby face and shaggy hairstyle.

In his early career, Bieber’s albums and pop songs such as “Baby”and “One Time” were reminiscent to our generation’s music from the Aaron Carter and Jesse McCartney era.

He built up a pop/boy band imagine, which included young groupies fan-girling over him. He then progressively transitioned into R&B and EDM artist with each album he’s released.

Now, Bieber’s new music has caught the attention of fans that include both men and women of all ages.

The first single from the new album, “What Do You Mean”, was released on Aug. 28. This single shocked both fans and those who weren’t into his music by his transformation into mature yet catchy music.

After the release of Purpose, it quickly moved to the top of the charts and became the No. 1 album on both Billboard 200 and iTunes.

The fast sale rates and rise of this album proves that fans look forward to following Justin Bieber on his journey to find maturity.

Over the past two years, Bieber has been scrutinized in the media as a punk who makes bad decisions and is bad influence for his fan base. The teenager peed in buckets, smoked weed, drank alcohol, fought with on and off ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez and tried to start fights with paparazzi.

In the eyes of Bieber, he was acting like any other teenage kid who makes mistakes while transitioning into adulthood. Except for him, he had to go through this with the world watching his every move.

He issued a public apology for his actions and made an effort to rebuild his image to the man he truly is – someone with genuine talent who loves to sing.

As a 21 year old, Bieber’s new album followed the criteria of music people his generation listens to.

EDM is a newly popular genre of music that songs like “What Do You Mean” and “Sorry” took the route of and are undoubtedly enjoyed by fans and haters.

“Sorry” has topped “What Do You Mean” in the charts not only for its catchy tune and lyrics that relate to a past relationship, but also the music video.

The music video doesn’t include Justin Bieber but features The Ladies of ReQuest and The Royal Family Dance Crews from The Palace Dance Studio. The dance routine of “Sorry” has ladies dancing to the song, with over 132 million views and counting on YouTube.

Other songs from the album such as “Mark My Words,” “Company” and “The Feeling” highlight Bieber’s maturity with more vulnerable lyrics and an R&B sound.

As an artist, Justin Bieber has proved that although he might make mistakes along the way, through his music he will show the world his transition from an adorable heartthrob kid to growing into a handsome mature adult.

Dani Guglielmo is a features desk editor and can be reached at dani.guglielmo@ubspectrum.com.