Graffiti containing intolerant language found on UB North Campus

UPD investigating incident that occurred last week

University Police are investigating graffiti containing “intolerant language” that was found on North Campus last week.

A university staff person found the graffiti in three different locations in Slee Hall Wednesday and UPD arrived to the scene at around 8 p.m. A university facilities crew removed all of the graffiti by 11 p.m. The three pieces of graffiti said “Gay Only,” “White” and “Black is Cool.”

President Satish Tripathi wrote an open letter published in UB Reporter Thursday expressing his disappointment with the “intolerant language” and stating UB is committed to an inclusive campus.

“This is very disappointing and disrespectful of our values as a university community,” Tripathi said in the letter.

In September, signs reading “White Only” and “Black Only” were found on campus bathrooms, water fountains and benches. The signs turned out to be part of graduate fine arts student Ashley’s Powell’s class project. UB is still working toward an official policy regarding art projects such as Powell’s.

Anyone with information about last week’s crime is encouraged to contact UPD.

Editor's note: This story has been updated to include what the three pieces of graffiti said. 

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