Letter to the editor: Yaser Soliman resigns from SA Senate


Editor’s note: Student Association Senator Yaser Soliman sent this letter to The Spectrum. It has not been changed in any way.

The actions of the SA President on the evening of October 14, 2015 took away the position of Chairman of the Senate from me and changed the outcome of the election. On the morning of October 15, 2015 I had a meeting with Mr. Sorel and Ms. Johnson in which I detailed the grave violations committed and tried to resolve the matter fairly. I asked the SA to resolve this professionally as any Board-of-Elections would handle it, however, they refused to strike the unconstitutional ballot and introduce the suppressed ballot. I submitted a letter attached through email on October 15, 2015 officially notifying the SA of the numerous violations. Other than an email confirming the receipt of the letter, I have not heard anything back.

I was astonished to see Mr. Smith officially given the office of Chairman of the Senate despite the blatantly grave violations and procedural errors which changed the outcome of the election. He has been in official collaboration with the SA attorney and other SA employees regarding official Senate Chair business. He scheduled the next meeting for October 21, 2015 at 5:30 p.m. and set the agenda, which includes his resignation and “Reelection for Chair”. I made it known that I am not available on October 21st , but Mr. Smith is still moving forward with it. It is very unsettling that I heard about the news of another Chairman election from Mr. Smith’s agenda and that he is setting the terms and date of the election regardless of my availability.

Furthermore, it was very concerning to find out from the Elections and Credentials Chair whom governs over all elections and reviews all complaints that he has been kept in the dark about what’s going on and hasn’t even received a copy of my letter. In the midst of all this, members of the SA continue to slander me heavily and take steps to ensure that I won’t be re-elected Chairman of the Senate.

The level of violations and unethical conduct in this matter is truly perplexing. In light of these events, I have lost complete faith in the integrity of the SA. Due to the continued violations and steps taken to keep me from being re-elected Chairman, I have no choice but to resign. It absolutely devastates me that I have to walk away from the ticket that I handpicked, but I have been left with no other alternative. It is with regret that I announce this, however, effective immediately I resign from the Senate. I have maintained and will continue to maintain impeccable integrity as I move forward. I wish the best for the SA Senate.