Letter to the editor: SA senator statement on senate chair election controversy

Editor's note: Student Association Senator Carl Ross submitted this statement to Spectrum Editor in Chief Tom Dinki. It has not been changed in any way. 

Hello Tom,

When I ran for the position of Chairperson of the Senate, I believed that the best candidates was asked to step up to the position and even though I lost, horribly I might add, I would do it again.

Now with the issue of the Senate Chair Election, of course, it would have been nice to have the Elections and Credentials Chair to be there but with the time constraints that was placed upon our President, I feel that Ms. Minahil Khan made every effort to get in touch with Mr. Anthony Field, and possibly, he was not able to come. What would have been best is that Ms. Khan should have made a statement or at least had paperwork showing that he was unable to come and could have sent someone in his place or placed the responsibility in Ms. Khan’s hands

Now, looking back on this, I feel that Ms. Khan had to make certain that there was a Senate Chair and I believe she did everything in her power to follow the Constitution as with such that this is an election of the Student Association. Wouldn’t you trust your elected official to make sure that they actually follow the Constitution as best as possible to ensure that all is fair?

Ms. Khan, while outside with myself, Mr Yaser Soliman, Mr. Dilion Smith, Current Senate Chair, and Vice-President Sean Kaczmarek, stated what had occurred which was a tie, and they had contacted the Administrative Directors and they explained to both Ms. Khan and Mr. Kaczmarek what they had to do. Ms. Khan still presiding over the meeting meaning she was the Interim Senate Chair meant that she would have to break the tie between Mr. Smith and Mr. Soliman to find the new Senate Chair and I feel the right person was chosen for the position.

She, then, asked all three of the candidates if they would only want the vote count or would we like for her to explain how it came to the decision of Mr. Smith being chosen as Senate Chair. We advised her to explain to our fellow Senators. She did as such.

Now it is true that Mr. Field would have to preside over this election. I hope he is able to this Wednesday. If not, then I would like for him to at least send in a document stating that he will be sending someone in to preside over the election if he is unable to attend the meeting or he will be handing the responsibility to Ms. Khan since she will be taking over the position once again. Then, maybe we can have this matter settled and closed to have a productive year for the SA Senate. Until then, I feel this matter is supremely lackluster in leadership and teamwork. We have a long year ahead of us and it is time to move forward.


Carl Ross, III

Off-Campus Senator

Student Association