Da$h brings the Skrewface

New Jersey rapper drops new EP


Album: Skrewface EP

Artist: DA$H

Label: None

Release Date: Aug. 14

Grade: A-

Prodigy of the late A$AP Yams and the “partner-in–rhyme” of RetcH (or Retchy-P), Da$h has recently made his way from the underground into the mainstream consciousness of the rap industry.

In 2013 his project V.I.C.E.S brought him to the forefront of the underground rap scene. With his ties to A.$.A.P Mob, this star-studded project was more than enough to showcase his talent.

Back in April of this year, DA$H dropped a bomb on us with his Metro Boomin’ produced track “Mudd Walk” but has remained quiet since then.

Now, DA$H is back, sending us into a bass heavy, trap trance.

His seven-track Skrewface EP is a teaser for his full-length album 17 More Minutes, released on Sept. 11.
DA$H wasted no time, introducing the project with “RicHie K II,” a follow up to “RitcHie K” off of V.I.C.E.S.
“Figgaz / Hopscotch,” the second track on the EP keeps the calm vibe set by the intro rolling.

The song begins with a light trumpet sample in the background, then perfectly meshes with the deep bass common in DA$H’s music. The song later breaks, taking on a deeper melody, where the rapper spends the remaining two minutes of the track delivering punch line after punch line.

“7 Day Theory” and “Highway 66” feature artists, Maxo Kream and Chynna.

Both artists compliment DA$H’s style while sparking interest in their listeners through their verses.
“Blackout Boyz” feat. RetcH, produced by Pro Era’s Kirk Knight, is a classic Retchy P and DA$H collab. Reminiscent of early ScHoolboy Q, the track is well produced, catchy, and perhaps one of the more hype tracks on the EP.
The EP closes with the previously released “Mudd Walk,” a banger and favorite of DA$H fans.

The hype for the song is certainly not without basis - throughout the track he fires shots and exudes nothing but confidence spitting lines like “All of these n----- be talking about it
sure don’t be walking about it/be in the spot and some sh--’ll pop off
And these n----- be walking around it” and delivering more personal lines like “This for all my n---- doing bids together in the cell straight raising hell, Big f*ck 12 since Sean Bell.”

The lyrics, paired with DA$H’s aggressive delivery and Metro Boomin’s production, bring the EP to a perfect close.

With the arrival of 17 More Minutes this past Friday, DA$H is here and is certainly here to stay.

Gabriela Ortiz is an arts desk staff writer. Arts desk can be reached at arts@ubspectrum.com