Sex column: Why spring break sex can be the best kind of sex

Spring break sextivities


Spring break is approaching and many of us are going on some pretty awesome vacations. Of course we all have to do some sort of planning beforehand, but how honest are we with ourselves before the trip?

I don’t know about anyone else, but I definitely weigh every possible thing that could happen during a getaway – from activities, to dining to sex. Actually a lot of sex. I mean that’s really the definition of spring break – right next to intoxication.

There are so many benefits to having spontaneous, unplanned, exhilarating, endorphin-releasing, temporarily passionate sex. Oh yeah, how I could I forget, protected sex.

I think the most satisfying part of spring-break sex is the secrecy.

People often feel they have a target on their back when it comes to how many sexual partners they should or shouldn’t have. When you have sex on vacation, it allows you keep the same “body count” you arrived with.

“What someone doesn’t know won’t hurt them,” right? Well, at least, that’s how I view it. Am I incriminating my future love life by saying this?

I imagine myself on a weeklong spring break trip to the Dominican Republic. The first day of the trip has arrived I’m excited to hit a nightclub in Punta Canta. I have my condoms of choice in my pocket and I’m ready to go.

While I’m waiting in line to get in, I lock eyes with a stranger and immediately feel the sexual tension between the two of us. I might start blushing, but only on a vulnerable day.

I come to the realization I can no longer hold out and the two of us end up exploring some unfamiliar sex positions in the bathroom stall. I’m not going to say I could have pursued gymnastics if I started at younger age, but definitely didn’t know that I was that flexible. Not only did I feel great after this, but also I now have the option to either take down their number plan a second round, or zip up your pants and head to the bar without saying a word.

This comfort in sexual secrecy could potentially open someone up to see what he or she really wants in another person. For those of us not sure if we want to be in a monogamous relationship or if we just want to have sex, feeling comfortable enough to explore your sexual desires in a remote location can open your eyes and see if you can have sex without getting attached to someone.

Some students have exams the week after spring break so stress is usually in full effect and sex can be such a simple coping mechanism. A lot of us are craving sex on campus but aren’t comfortable with the risk of someone else finding out. Sex in a different location will relieve the stress and satisfy our cravings.

In a twisted way, many of us should tastefully allow spring break sextivities to corrupt our habits. I don’t mean this a filthy or unhealthy way, but more of a liberating way.

We come to college with a particular view of ourselves, specific agendas, lifestyle routines and subconscious values from our parents lingering within us. Going outside of your normal and having a one-night stand during a spring break can give you the chance to take control of the steering wheel and realize that there is beauty in spontaneity.