Size of the boat or motion of the ocean

UB student analyzes the perception of penis size and its importance


“I could never date a guy with a small dick.”

That’s what some girls are saying around campus. Is it rational for a “small” penis to be a deal-breaker? Or is there some logic behind this statement?

Before I expose the secret formula to sex, I should probably start off by introducing myself as Ty, a new male sex columnist for The Spectrum.

In order to do this position justice, I have to speak from personal experiences, without sounding like a full-blown man whore. I’m going to assume you all just wished me luck while reading this, so thank you. Now, back to the penis.

I guess the whole importance of the penis begins during puberty. Once guys hit puberty, we kind of adopt this mentality that having a bigger penis is not only attractive on us, but also a bare minimum requirement to be considered “boyfriend material.”

The average erect penis is 5.1 inches, according to a study done at the Alfred C. Kinsey institute for sex research out of a sample of 60 men from the university of California in San Francisco.

Some guys may think their penis should be as big as their ego, but I don’t. And that’s not what I found out.

In a personal survey I conducted, I simply asked 100 women if they preferred penis size or the motion of the penis itself. Sixty-eight out of the 100 women said they preferred to date a man with a larger penis. This still leaves 32 other women in disagreement but it’s a clear reinforcement of this idea of a larger penis being better.

Although only 32 women in my survey said they appreciated the motion of a penis over its length, that doesn’t mean penis length takes the crown.

There is definitely such a thing as bad sex. Some guys just don’t know how to pleasure a woman. They either rely on the size of their penis, or the act of sex itself, to automatically please a woman. In other words – a tool.

Just like I’ve heard women say they would prefer a bigger penis, I have also heard women say certain men had “big” penises and the sex was still boring.

Think of it like getting into a physical altercation. Let’s take for instance, a short guy who is on the skinnier side of 150 pounds, fighting a tall, muscular prized champion fighter weighing 210 pounds. If the tall fighter doesn’t know how to throw a punch, the smaller man will take home the prize.

Essentially, height and weight wouldn’t have determined the winner of that fight – skill would have.

My question for these women who prefer a “large” penis then becomes, what is a large penis? Do you even know what you’re looking for? And are you simply basing penis size off of the porn you watch when your roommate isn’t present?

Social media also plays a huge role in enhancing the idea ‘having a bigger penis matters.’ It creates chatter and when the person next to you says a bigger penis matters, you’re going to believe a bigger penis matters.

I’ve witnessed women make comments about wanting a man who had at least a 6-inch soft penis. But some male penises remain the same length erect as they are flaccid, and others enlarge during erection.

Even some women who are virgins say they would prefer a bigger penis, as if they’ve felt one before. I’m forever confused by that mindset. It’s almost a universal fantasy shared by many women, regardless of their sexual experience.

It’s almost the same thing with sex. Regardless of penis size, some men just know how to penetrate a female in the way that pleases them the most. They may know different speed techniques, or different spots that can make a woman orgasm. Simply having a “bigger” penis isn’t an automatic implication of a better sexual experience.

So for the fellas, put down the penis enlargement pills and work on your skill.