Strike a Pose

An app for trendsetters and fashion killers


If the stylish side of Instagram and eBay had a baby, it would be the fashion app Pose.

Catering to the power of the digital age, Pose showcases the latest trends to any users’ fingertips with purchasing, selling or trading fashion items and accessories just a touch away.

The free app launched three years ago and has formed an eclectic community of fashion lovers, including celebrity stylist and Pose investor Rachel Zoe, fashion designer Stella McCartney, supermodel Coco Rocha, America’s Next Top Model alum Eva Marcille as well as fashion bloggers.

“Online sharing, a la Pinterest, is obviously a big trend right now, and we’re hoping Pose is going to be a leader in fashion for that purpose,” Rodger Berman, Rachel Zoe’s husband, told about their investment in the company.

Pose, available for iPhone and Android, allows users to rummage in fellow fashionistas’ closets and decipher what best correlates to your own personal style

Pose is useful for more than finding new clothing. The app also allows people to network with other fashion lovers, bonding over new items recently purchased and getting feedback from different outfits in the comment section.

Users create a profile to follow other trendsetters, take pictures of their outfit of the day and to buy, sell or trade clothing.

The app also allows users to share clothing ideas through Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, which also helps aspiring designers, bloggers, models and stylists.

“Even though it’s not something I’d be totally in to, my sister would love it,” said Elaina Perez, a junior political science and legal studies major. “People who use websites like the app, like Pinterest or Instagram, would definitely be into it.”

Although the exchanging of money between online posers may leave users anxious, Pose has a five-star rating system in which each seller is graded based on the condition and handling of their products, similar to eBay and Amazon.

The app acts as a “lookbook” for the current trends to inspire fashionistas on daily basis. There’s a pose of the day feature, showcasing diverse styles of self-expression for the future fashion icons and innovators.

The app has a pose of the day feature, showcasing diverse styles of self-expression for the future fashion icons and innovators. Pose is forming a community filled with young fashion enthusiasts and creates a place where influential looks are swiftly exchanged and shared. Users search through listings and have the option to save specific attire on their profile for future reference whether looking to buy or just window shop.

Pose’s clothing and accessories are an assorted mix of vintage, casual, boho-chic and even professional. Items can either be pre-owned or new. The app is also abundant in sizes, creating a fresh method of shopping for any girl – no matter the body type.

The app has thousands of clothing and accessories to look through. Pose’s community encourages young fashionistas to explore their own style with a diverse array of trendy guidance in the palm of their hands.

Just keep scrolling.

Tori Roseman contributed to the reporting of this story.