Humans of UB

The photo staff's new endeavor

The Spectrum’s photo staff has taken on a challenge to present members of the university who you wouldn’t normally see on the newsstands. With Humans of UB, we will delve into the vast population of students, faculty and staff that make this university what it is.

If we come up to you, please talk to us.

We are trying to show how diverse each individual on this enormous campus is – more than just a number lost in the crowd. UB is overflowing with students from all over the globe. Each one of us has our own story. Just like a fingerprint, not one of us is exactly alike.

The Spectrum is not the first place to do this. I have based the structure of Humans of UB on Brandon Stanton’s “Humans of New York.”

Be sure to find and ‘like’ us on our Facebook page, “The Spectrum’s Humans of UB.” The page will be updated daily with portraits and captions of Buffalo students from the photo staff.

Thank you and welcome to Humans of UB,

Chad Cooper

Senior Photo Editor