"TM' - The Match: How I Met Your Mother finale disappoints many fans, but is only sensible ending"

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Warning: This article contains spoilers.

It may not have been the ending we wanted, but it was the one Ted Mosby needed.

I wish I could say I was shocked while reading mostly outrage when searching #HIMYMFinale on Twitter about an hour after the How I Met Your Mother finale Monday night on CBS. And I understand the reaction. We meet the mother, we fall in love with her and then she's immediately removed from our lives?

She was perfect for Ted. She truly was. Much better than Robin. That's why we were so furious. If the first interaction between Ted and "the lady with the yellow umbrella" didn't bring a tear to your eye, you either aren't human or you haven't watched Ted struggle during the nine seasons. To top it all off, her name was Tracy McConnell (TM), leading to a brilliant first exchange about the ownership of the yellow umbrella.

"No Tracy McConnell, it's 'TM,' totally my umbrella," Ted said, only for Tracy to respond with, "No, you're 'TM,' terribly mistaken, because this umbrella has always belonged 'TM,' to me."

Ted has found his woman.

Now, think back to the emotional speech that Ted wishes he gave to the mother 45 days before the two met. While narrating the story to his children, he says, "Kids, you know what I would have done first?" And then he takes off to the mother's apartment and professes how he "wants those extra 45 days."

At the time, I never thought this scene would symbolize her passing. I thought it was Ted just being his romantic self and wanting the extra 45 days on top of the 30 or 40 years of growing old together on their front porch.

As we know, this wasn't the reason. Ted's wife passed years before he began to tell the story to his children about how the two met. And it was this "45 days" speech that first came into my head as I tried to keep my composure during the finale.

Also, why else are these kids listening to their father tell the story of how the two met for so long? You have to assume the kids asked this question before, and then Ted and the mother told them the story in about 5 minutes - like any other family.

However, when discussing a loved one who's died, you hang onto every word. Time becomes obsolete. The kids stayed throughout the story because they wanted to hear every detail pertaining to their mother. And Ted wanted to give every description - to hold onto his wife's memory for every possible second.

And it's interesting how the entire story is based around Robin. Robin, in my opinion, is the most appalling character in the show. Her personality is even more selfish than Barney's, yet the storytelling seems to hide this. And why is that? Because Ted loves her and is trying to sell Robin to his kids.

Ted has always wanted to be with Robin. Even after Barney and Robin's marriage, he couldn't stay halfway through the reception. He had to get out of there. And I don't think Barney is the biggest reason Ted and Robin didn't initially end up together.

Ted needed kids. When you watch him, he embodies a father and husband. He knew he'd never be able to have kids with Robin. But once he had kids of his own, kids who said they love Robin, he'd finally be able to be with Robin and have everything else he not only wanted, but needed.

Robin's goal was always success. She left her home country in dreams of becoming a well-known and respected journalist. It was always her No. 1 goal - over any relationship she ever had.

The marriage with Barney could have never worked. The two are way too individualistic. I'm struggling to think of one episode in which the two didn't fight. And when they made up, it was due to some kind of trick or lie. A relationship can't survive like that.

And for Barney, what's a better finish for him? He knocks up the final girl in his perfect month and has a baby girl? I think we can all appreciate this.

Nobody likes finales. It's very rare to see one that satisfies all fans. When you invest nine years into a show, it's easy to come up with this dream conclusion that probably isn't feasible.

But when you take a step back, it's the only ending that ties everything together.

Robin doesn't deserve Ted, but Ted deserves happiness. This is what he received. He has the family, job and, ultimately, the girl he's wanted since he was first introduced to us.

And he started this family with the perfect woman. She was just as nerdy, quirky and weird as Ted. And now, her personality will live on through her children.

Don't be angry with Robin. Be happy for Ted.

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