Letter to the Editor

I am responding to The Spectrum's April 23 article titled "Let's talk about geese babies." When I first saw the headline, I was pleased, thinking it was an article meant to: inform people that geese are protected by federal law, create understanding that this is a time when geese are especially protective of their young and state what people can do to avoid aggression.

Though one may glean some of that from the article, I was disappointed and surprised by all the harsh negativity which accompanied it; people describing the geese as "malicious," "a nuisance" and "vicious." I'd like to respond to some of the negativity with a different point of view, which I think many likely share with me.

I work in the Ellicott Complex and consider myself lucky to be in an environment that has so much nature around it. These are beautiful animals who are living their own lives and doing what's instinctive to them. I am touched by their care and dedication to their eggs and young.

When you approach them, they don't know whether you're just trying to get to your destination or if you're a threat, so they become protective. Is it really such a big deal to walk a few feet around the geese to give them a little space?

The geese we see here today are descendants of those who raised their young here when UB North Campus was just wetlands - no buildings, no people. Generation after generation, they return to their birthplace to nest. Despite changing conditions, they try to make the best of it.

As more and more land is developed for human purposes here and elsewhere, we take over animal habitats and so we do encounter them more. The earth is home to more living beings than just humans; we share this planet with all living things, so let's be understanding, respectful and kind neighbors to wildlife!

- Sonia Marinaccio