"The Spectrum endorses two Impact, two Value delegate candidates"

Tony Daniel - Impact Party

SUNY delegates are crucial in relaying student concerns to those with significant sway over policies in Albany. Daniel, a junior social sciences major and backup quarterback on the football team, is uniquely equipped for this position. Whether he is playing for the Bulls on the field, cheering for them in the stands with True Blue or serving the community, which he regularly makes time to do, Daniel is a proud part of UB and would represent us remarkably in Albany.

Daniel has promised to work more closely in bridging the gap that often exists between this university's students and athletic programs. He has strong proposals for improving stress release programs.

Sophia Peters - Value Party

Peters brings the school pride and bright ideas necessary to positively represent the student body and implement needed changes. Peters has extensive experience with various clubs and has distinguished herself as a member of the Global Scholars program. In addition to academic performance, she exuberates a positive attitude emblematic of a would-be successful delegate.

Peters' proposals include expanding stops for the market and grocery bus line to other retailers and shops like Target and Panera Bread. Her concern for student transportation is imperative on a campus with so many students who do not drive.

Farhan Hussain - Impact Party

Hussain brings the best of both parties - creative ideas that would significantly benefit students, with feasibility and practicality. The junior biomedical sciences major has experience in various SA clubs and numerous extracurricular activities.

Hussain's cornerstone proposal is promoting UB's Parking & Transportation Services Twitter account, which provides updates on parking availability across the campus. Further, Hussain stated he wishes to see outlets in Capen, notoriously undependable, repaired or replaced. The small cost from the university would pay significant dividends in reduced frustration from students.

Hussain set himself apart as a candidate with achievable proposals that would both benefit the student body and inflict low or no cost to SA.

Hayley Ross - Value Party

Ross' name should sound familiar - she is a current SUNY delegate for the university and has distinguished herself in that role as both competent and dedicated. The political science junior and president of Alpha Gamma Delta receives our endorsement for more than just her experience as a delegate.

Ross plans to increase student involvement in and awareness of SUNY conferences to improve the university's role in these important meetings - and though this sounds vague, we believe in Ross because she became actively involved with the SUNY assembly executive committee this year. Her leadership experience, positive nature and coherent propositions make Ross a strong candidate.

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