Sade Cadle for treasurer

When it comes to treasurer, getting the most out of our Mandatory Student Activity Fee is vital, but so is professionalism, so it should come as no surprise that Value Party treasurer Sade Cadle gets our endorsement.

A business major and current treasurer of the Black Student Union, which has the largest budget of any SA club, Cadle brings valuable experience (including money management know-how from an internship) and maturity to the position. With a nearly $4 million budget for SA, both qualities are necessary of the person who primarily handles the funds on a day-to-day basis.

Cadle had the majority of the editorial board's support, with the remainder split between the qualified Juan Jimenez of the Impact Party and the admirable Ali Ahmed running as an independent.

Jimenez suffered from the same idealistic proposals as his president and VP and a presentation that displayed some haughtiness - which is the last thing you want to see from a potential treasurer. His presentation left some on the board unconvinced.

Ahmed, who dressed informally to display himself as an everyman, came across as genuine and sincere, and we applaud his initiative to make a difference. The hopeful lacked concrete or specific proposals, however, making his bid unsuccessful.

Cadle continued Value's reserved, measured approach with attainable goals. Streamlining office hours, improving club reimbursement procedures and improving transparency form the core of her proposals.

Jimenez, likewise, restated his party's plans for a tiered club funding system, with other proposals centered solely on clubs. His plans lack vetting and his criticisms of the current treasurer quickly moved from constructive to unwarranted. Though his resume was the best in the room, experience must be balanced with professionalism and trustworthiness in this position.

Ahmed's bold run for the office is commendable, but he lacks the preparation and solid plans the job demands. It is clear he cares deeply for SA, though, and we hope he will continue working for the organization in other capacities.

Ultimately, Cadle's experience and presentation, with lucid and well-articulated plans, deserve support; she is the superior choice for treasurer. Cadle exudes exactly the qualities we should seek in the individual managing our funds.