House of Beats: House music playlist

There is something about Electronic Dance Music (EDM or house music) that makes a person want to throw their hands in the air and let go of all their stress.

When you hear its deep, bellowing bass and electronic sounds, a crazy feeling takes over your body and you don't stop dancing until the song does.

This playlist will give you what we think is some of the best house music to get the party started wherever you are - and to keep it going until the wee hours of the morning.

Cash Cash - "Lightning" (feat. John Rzeznik)

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This is probably one of the most accessible house tracks - it's like EDM for beginners. It heavily features John Rzeznik, the lead singer of alternative-rock group Goo Goo Dolls. In fact, Rzeznik is so heavily featured that it's like hearing an electronic, euphoric Goo Goo Dolls. It's got a club-friendly synthesizer running throughout. Although it is subtle and unobtrusive, the track would be lost without it. It seems that this song has struck a hard-to-find balance between nighttime house and pop.

Aimoon - "Cloudbreaker"

Aimoon isn't an artist who holds any punches and "Cloudbreaker" is no exception to that rule. There's no unnecessarily slow buildup - it comes in with a beat worthy of vicious fist-pumping and satisfactory head nodding. The synthesizer growls from underneath a comforter of stylistic melodies that travel around the room. It's seven minutes of non-stop beat - no time for a drink break while you're dancing to this one.

Avicii - "Hey Brother"

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Avicii is a Swedish DJ who's managed to break into the charts with a strange, yet genius blend of folk and dance. Technical-banjo finger picking marries with elevated club beats. The music is rounded out by the all-American sound of Dan Tyminski. It may not be the hardest of house tracks - but you can take from a road trip to the club.

Ti?sto -"Red Lights"

"Red Lights" deceives you for the first eight seconds - there's nothing but a crisp, clean acoustic guitar. But once the ninth second hits, so does the beat. It has a feel-good house sound to it that really kicks in at 1:24. It's mainstream and chart-worthy, but the subtle house thumping that invades throughout gives this track its edge.

Steve Aoki & R3hab - "Flight"

This four-minute track could fill a stadium and make the ground shake. The beat slams. The ear-piercing, laser-like electronics are a definitive takeaway from this track - an addition that lifts each beat to a new exhilarating height.

Ellie Goulding - "Burn"

The stunning vocals are nothing but expected from the British songstress - but the stuttering synthesizer and up-tempo, radio-friendly beat is Ellie Goulding bringing something new to the table. If you're new to the house or EDM scene, listening to "Burn" will be like dipping the tips of your toes into a pool that's only going to get warmer. It's hypnotic, infectious and dance inducing.

Skrillrex - "All Is Fair In Love And Brostep"

Skrillrex is known for annihilating beats - slamming them down and letting them blow up in the listeners' ears, "All Is Fair In Love And Brostep" is subtly reminiscent of Skrillrex's early dub-step days. And the prominence of the Ragga Twins' sound gives a new dimension - something closer to the realm of jungle, but not fully immersed. It's an intoxicating mix of genres - but most of all, it's house at its finest.

Vicetone - "Heartbeat"

Bewildering kicks and huge synthesizer sounds is a combination that can only conclude in a great hit. But nevertheless, plenty of people have tried and failed miserably. Luckily, Vicetone has mixed together a near-perfect cocktail and topped it off with a smooth, evocative aftertaste in the form of Collin McLoughlin's captivating lyrics. It's a beat that could be repeated over and over again and people would still be dancing into the morning.

Daft Punk - "Around The World"

To the uneducated listener, Daft Punk would probably be the first name that was thought when the genre of house or EDM was brought into conversation. "Around The World" is a funky electronic song. The dulled beginning makes you think you're standing outside the sweat-filled club grabbing gulps of fresh air into your lungs - the music pulsating behind the closed door. The hooks are unbelievably catchy; Daft Punk's notorious robotic voice echoes the phrase "around the world" continuously and the drops are located steadily throughout. If there were a template for a good house song - "Around The World" would be it.