Beats to break the mundane routine

It's the middle of the week. Your energy levels are lagging and the weekend is teasing you, brushing the tips of your fingers.

Not to mention that it's been cold for long enough now - it's time for the sun to come back.

But though the near future still holds bitter mornings and chilly nights, we in the office have been brightening up our days with songs that make us think of the long nights that Spring Break has in store for us.

Ed Sheeran - "Gold Rush"

The staccato guitar riffs that British one-man-band Ed Sheeran plays in this chirpy song induce foot taps and weird public grins. And if you're having an off day, just remember that this Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter dropped out of school at the age of 16 - and he's doing pretty well for himself.

The 1975 - "Settle Down"

To get your energy levels back to their peak, the only real cure is going to be some lighthearted electro-indie-pop. The 1975 came onto the scene last year and their fame is only set to propel them further in 2014. "Settle Down" has the same sort of youthful dynamism about it that you embody during your college days.

State Champs - "Elevated"

For the song that makes you most want to dance around the room and shake your head simultaneously (we don't recommend doing so), the title goes to State Champs. It's a melodic tune that's been purposely roughed up around the edges. It's an in-your-face pop-punk song that still manages to be optimistic in its lyrics.

The Summer Set - "Boomerang"

Imagine driving to Panama City with the top down, a group of your friends in the backseat with eager anticipation of some much-needed sun. This is your soundtrack: the catchy lyrics and repetitive, typical pop hook of "Boomerang."


The purely electronic sound of AWOLNATION's "Sail" makes it a totally different sound from anything else we've had on repeat. It's a little fuzzy and gruff in the best ways possible. The word "sail" is repeated over 20 times, but the heavy guitar and synth that dominate in the background rule this show.

The Glitch Mob - "Our Demons"

This vocally heavy, dark track is one of the few songs that manage to mix alternative rock and electro together without the outcome sounding like a high school keyboard lesson. The vocals are strong, the drums are fast and heavy and it's sure to keep you awake during your mid-week slump.

Thomas Rhett - "Get Me Some Of That"

With a catchy melody and country-cross-pop sound, Rhett's "Get Me Some Of That" is a classic country song. It's about a guy picking up a girl - nothing new, but it's got colorful catchy hook, complete with rhymes that will have you singing along and hitting replay.

Lecrae - "Mayday"

To finish off a feel-good playlist, the raw energy of Lecrae's 2013 underdog hit "Mayday" is arguably unrivaled. It's undercut with optimism. If you listen to the lyrics properly, it has the power to inspire.