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Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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"Go Radio Has the ""Strength to Stay"""

As a siren wailed, Go Radio took the darkened stage to cheers, quickly sending the opening lines of "Lucky Street" blasting out of the speakers.

Go Radio's headlining Lucky Street tour stop at Club Infinity Sunday night. With support from local rockers Larrabe as well as Tyler Carter and This Providence, the tour rides the success Lucky Street, Go Radio's first full length, which debuted in March of last year.

"[The tour has] been awesome, it's been better than we expected," said Go Radio drummer Steven Kopacz. "We were really excited when we came out. Being our first real A-market headlining tour we weren't sure what to expect, especially with the growth of our band, but we were really surprised with how amazing our fans are and the turnout on this tour so far."

By the time "Redemption in the Verse" sent its hopeful chorus over the crowd three songs into the set, mosh pits had formed around "Any Other Heart" and the background singing of "la-di-da-da" could be heard throughout the venue.

However, three fourths of the band was treated to regular breaks as lead singer Jason Lancaster pulled out his acoustic guitar and frequented the piano. Fans of piano-infused pop-punk ? la Something Corporate were regaled with "Why I'm Home" and "The Truth Is," among others.

"We took the piano route because it felt like a natural progression with us," Kopacz said. "We loved how the piano sounds with Jason's voice, it just kind of works well. For the piano songs we take [inspiration] from other genres of music, like old '90s create a song and that's what we did with the new record."

Having just finished the recording process for a still unnamed upcoming album, Go Radio gave their fans a taste of this new material with the unreleased track "What If You Don't."

"I think it is our best record yet," Kopacz said. "We put a lot of heart, a lot of ourselves into it. On Lucky Street we did that as well, but [this time] it was a different process because we worked with James Paul Wisner...He kind of took the role almost of a fifth member with writing. It was really natural, he was really easy to work with and when things weren't working he wasn't afraid to tell us. He wasn't afraid to hurt our feelings because in the end we all wanted what was best for the song."

Go Radio had the chance to work with Wisner again when recording their cover of Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" for Punk Goes Pop: Volume 4, the success of which has been astounding.

"I think we're kind of surprised by the amount people that are kind of grasping onto it, our fans are really enjoying it. I go onto YouTube and I read the comments and they will be like, 'oh, I heard Adele covered this Go Radio song,'" Kopacz said. "She's an amazing song writer and she obviously Grammys and so we were very surprised with it, how well [our cover] was received."

Go Radio balanced out their performance of their cover and new material by going back to the EP that started it all, Do Overs and Second Chances, to play "Letters and Love Notes" and "You Hold Your Breath, I'll Hold My Liquor."

After leaving the stage, the band came back for an encore that ended with the extremely popular "Goodnight Moon."

Although Go Radio has yet to announce future tour dates and is not playing the Vans Warped Tour this summer, Kopacz confirms that the band plans on touring for the rest of the year.



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