Keith Urban Gets Closer to Your Heart

The Spectrum

Artist: Keith Urban

Album: Get Closer

Label: Capitol Nashville

Release Date: Nov. 16, 2010

Grade: B+

Grab that special someone, light a few candles, and toss on the new Keith Urban CD, Get Closer. This album will set a romantic mood for any couple.

Get Closer is a short album that only contains eight tracks, but every one of them is some sort of love song. There is also a deluxe version that contains seven additional tracks; however, it is only available at Target.

Don't listen to this album if you are looking for some traditional country music about partying. Anybody who has listened to Urban over the course of his career will know that he is known for making songs of love and heartbreak.

Urban wastes no time reminding his listeners of this in the hit single "Put You in a Song," which is also the first song on the album. It really sets a strong tone throughout.

"Yeah, a picture paints a thousand words it's true/ But it's still not enough for how I feel about you," Urban sings.

Lyrics such as these show the passion that is pouring through his veins. The love that Urban possesses is what first garnered him stardom, and on Get Closer, it comes to the forefront.

Urban shows off his ability to use string instruments in any fashion. In a couple of songs, you can even hear a banjo setting the mood.

Even though Get Closer plays eight of the same style of songs, each song sounds different. The listeners don't get bored of the album, as Urban does a great job giving each song its own unique twist.

With his sixth album, Urban continues his distinctive style that cannot be heard anywhere else in the country music world. He does so with success – this could be one of his better albums.

Overall, Get Closer is a hit for anyone looking for some lovey-dovey songs, and it will make people want to cuddle up with someone special for an exceptional night.