Magnet brings you back to the '90s

The Spectrum

Artist: Monster Magnet

Album: Mastermind

Release Date: Oct. 25

Label: Napalm Records

Grade: C

Monster Magnet returns with long hair, leather pants, guitars and '90s-inspired sounds on their new album, Mastermind.

Monster Magnet's past signature riffs made listeners shake their rear ends. In contrast, Mastermind will leave fans shaking their heads.

Standout tracks from earlier Monster Magnet records such as "Look To Your Orb For The Warning" and "Space Lord" seem to be missing. No song from Mastermind jumps out and distinguishes itself.

The album starts off fast and on a great note. "Hallucination Bomb" perks up the listener's ears with some great riffs and perfect melodies from vocalist/guitarist David Wyndorf.

The energy from "Hallucination Bomb" dies off quickly, though, as the album progresses. Wyndorf's melodies can't seem to get on track with the background sound, making the record sound off key.

The guitar solos on the middle tracks hold Mastermind together, yet these solos are nonexistent on tracks like "Time Machine."

Although nothing groundbreaking really happens throughout the album, this characteristic makes the album work. Mastermind has great flow. Each track transitions into the next one perfectly, allowing the listener to get lost in the music.

As far as the instrumentals go, tracks like "Mastermind" and "100 Million Miles" are some highlights from the record. These songs will get your feet tapping and your head bobbing.

The final four tracks drag the album out and may bore the listener. There's very little energy, and the songs don't anything to the record.

Overall, solid riffs with occasionally good lyrics should be enough for any Monster Magnet fan. If the band maintained the energy from track one, Mastermind could have been a huge hit.