Kings of the South

The Spectrum

Artist: Kings of Leon

Album: Come Around Sundown

Label: RCA

Release Date: Oct. 19

Grade: B+

Country isn't the only thing coming out of the South.

Tennessee natives Kings of Leon are quickly becoming the kings of U.S. alternative rock. Two years ago, the band won a Grammy for its hit single "Use Somebody."

Come Around Sundown picks up exactly where Kings of Leon left off. With amazing melodies and solid performances from all the members, Kings of Leon have a hit on their hands with their fifth album.

This 13-track album starts with a beautiful melody in "The End." The heavy drums and steady guitar give way to strong vocals by Caleb Followill.

"Running with the street lights / Laughing at the grave / He swears he's gonna give it up / It's never gonna be enough," Followill sings.

Followill's vocals continue to bring strength. At times, they sound as if he recorded them in a cave. There is an echo to his voice that fits the music perfectly.

There is a very strong message about love and loneliness throughout the album. There is very little bitterness on the album; it is filled with very relaxed, upbeat melodies.

"Back Down South" is a slow paced song that displays how much the South means to Kings of Leon. It features lyrics that express the band members' desire to return to where they grew up.

"If you wanna go / I'm going back down South now / Come on take my hand / I'm going back down South now," Followill sings.

On Come Around Sundown, Kings of Leon keeps the same style that won the band a Grammy. The sound stays consistent throughout the record but never becomes boring – Kings of Leon always have something interesting to say.