Bland Buffalonians

The Spectrum

Artist: Goo Goo Dolls

Album: Something for the Rest of Us

Release Date: August 31

Label: Warner Bros.

Grade: B-

The Goo Goo Dolls have become legends in Buffalo. After more than two decades (and several well received albums), the trio has established themselves as one of the greatest bands to ever come out of the Queen City.

Unfortunately, their latest album fails to live up to their legacy.

Something for the Rest of Us is a decent, but ultimately disappointing, effort that will please the band's dedicated fan base but leave most listeners wanting more.

The biggest problem with the album is its lack of memorable hooks. While previous Goo Goo Dolls albums have had countless hit singles, the tracks on Something for the Rest of Us sound vastly similar. No track is terrible, but nothing manages to stand out either.

The lead single, "Home," is a decent tune that fits in fine with the rest of adult contemporary radio, but it lacks the punch of the band's previous hits like "Long Way Down" or "Here Is Gone."

Matters are not helped by dull ballads like "One Night" and "Nothing is Real." The songs are painfully boring and nearly devoid of any personality. For a group that once set themselves apart from the competition, the Goo Goo Dolls did little to separate themselves from similar contemporary bands (e.g. Lifehouse and The Fray) by including these tracks on the album.

A rare highlight comes on "Hey Ya." Not to be mistaken for an Outkast cover, the track is an anthemic ballad on par with "Better Days" or even pop sensation "Iris." On an all too generic album, "Hey Ya" is one of the few moments when the band actually has an identity.

While the album is an enjoyable listen, it doesn't give enough to escape the depths of mediocrity. After years of making strong, meaningful music, the Goo Goo Dolls seem content to run with the pack. Something for the Rest of Us makes it seem all too likely that their best years are finally behind them.