Letter To The Editor

As everybody should know by now, Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2001 was National Coming Out Day. Events at UB included a drag show and gay/lesbian pride messages scrawled in chalk across campus. Criticism of this event takes two common tracks. Both miss the point. The first is that the chalk is silly, ugly or offensive. These people need to read the Bill of Rights. The other is from those that say, "I don't want my SA dollars used to fund a drag show." These people need to understand that all you need to start a club is five to 10 students and faculty advisor. What everyone misses is the double standard argument track.

Suppose college republicans wanted to hold Coming In Day, a celebration of heterosexual pride and diversity. The fashion show would consist of blazers, sport coats, dress pants and three-piece suits. The runway would be in the Student Union lobby. Chalk messages would include, "straight storm drain," "straight as an arrow (and proud of it)," "straight is good," and male and female symbols intertwined.

Wouldn't this be considered a hate crime or event, while Coming Out Day is celebrated as an example of diversity, tolerance and multiculturalism? Isn't the fact that you give to the other side the same rights and freedoms that yours rightly demand for your side? I would like everyone to know that I am a registered democrat who believes that as long as nobody gets hurt, what consenting adults do in private is not the business of the government, or of anybody outside of the room for that manner. We are only as free as the least free individual or group.