Letter To The Editor

Student Questions Parking Priorities

I am a medical student here at UB. Although my classes are all on South Campus, I spend several afternoons a week on North Campus. On a typical day, I find parking difficult due to a limited number of spaces. Imagine my surprise when I attempted to park in the Jarvis B Lot, where I always park on North Campus, and found that it was completely blocked off. Apparently, the school was having the lot repaved. I think it is interesting that the administration chose to have a student lot closed while classes were in session.

Wouldn't it have been better to time the repaving for a weekend or Thanksgiving break? This would have a much smaller impact on the parking situation for the students. And the administration chose to do this right after having hired a consulting firm to address parking problems. To me this illustrates exactly what the administration's plan for dealing with the parking problem on campus is: make it look like something's being done so you don't have to bother actually doing anything at all.