Letter To The Editor

To The Editor:

In response to the opinion piece published in the Oct. 15 issue of The Spectrum, "The Writing on the Wall" by Jamie Lynn Perna; okay, so some of the things written on the sidewalks were cheesy, but come on "Operation Enduring Freedom?" Our government's happy little euphemisms strike me as a little more ridiculous than some harmless writings on the sidewalk. Perna, I think your closing sentence, "End terrorism with war" sums up your argument fittingly. This idea seems to be shared by many Americans, although most wouldn't put it so bluntly.

Why are Americans so opposed to the idea of resolving matters without picking a fight? Yes I know we are responding to a barbaric act of cruelty against innocent people, and we, the righteous defenders of freedom, are attacking only military sites (except for the occasional missed target). However, our actions will only ensure a short-term solution to the real problem at hand: terrorism. Sixty-two percent of Pakistanis opposed their dictator's decision to support the United States at the beginning of the conflict, and as the bombs keep dropping, anti-American sentiment continues to spread. Are we prepared to face a nation of pent-up aggression, such as Pakistan, just as their nuclear program comes to fruition? Our actions are planting the seeds of hate throughout the Muslim world that will come back to haunt us.

It's time to stop the cycle of hypocrisy, the cycle of violence, the cycle of terrorism. Can we forget that only a few short years ago, we were supplying weapons to arm bin Laden's forces in the fight against communism? Our foreign policy needs to change, and if what happened on Sept. 11 didn't wake us up, then I'm afraid to find out what will.