Letter To The Editor

I was very appalled to see a blatant piece of biased and discriminating religious propaganda in the Oct. 12 issue of the Spectrum. The opinion piece "Faith Manages" presented the strict Christian faith as the only and superior answer to people's feelings about the Sept. 11 attacks and their aftermath. I strongly oppose the portrayed notion of there being a lot of people who don't know "the real solution." I think university students are intelligent enough to determine their religious path themselves.

No single alternative religion or view on the issue was presented. The author of this "Jesus our savior" advertisement even neglected to mention any alternative ways of dealing with the tragedy such as talking to people or educating oneself on the issue. In an environment like UB with a broad spectrum of religious faiths, I believe it was very inconsiderate and rude of The Spectrum to publish such a piece of writing. It may very well be appropriate for a religious newsletter or magazine, but it certainly does not belong in a newspaper that prides itself in providing objective material.

The fact that the piece was an opinion is irrelevant. I must admit that I have never been so outraged by a piece in The Spectrum. Politics are one thing, but religion is something entirely different. If you are going to publish a blatantly biased piece, please be considerate enough and maybe also publish an opposing view, at best written by an author of a different faith.