Bulls Report Card

Exam 7 - Kent State 35, Buffalo 13

Passing Offense

Offensive line blocked well for the most part. Freedy's three interceptions killed the Bulls, and the one that was returned for a touchdown changed the complexion of the game.

Grade: C-

Rushing Offense

Offensive line provided some holes and Derrick Gordon hit them hard. However, UB was too far behind early on and had to abandon the run. Still, when Gordon got the opportunity he gave a solid effort.

Grade: B

Passing Defense

The worst part of the game for UB. Joshua Cribbs carved them up with regularity, throwing two touchdowns and no interceptions. Secondary had trouble tackling. Mark Graham was burned on both touchdown passes. Would have been an "F" but I've seen worse.

Grade: D

Run Defense

Wasn't the main problem for the Bulls. They contained Cribbs, who is a dangerous running threat, pretty well. However, David Alston ran effectively, especially in the second half when the Golden Flashes wanted to eat up the clock.

Grade: C

Special Teams

Kicker Dallas Pelz was perfect on the day, hitting two field goals. Kickoff and punt coverage was good. Failed to break one against the conference's worst kickoff coverage team.

Grade: A-


Cribbs said the UB defense was "easy" to read. Easy? When a true freshman quarterback with just seven games under his belt says that your defense was "easy" to read that means there was something seriously lacking in your game plan. Team came out flat, spotting Kent State a 28-3 lead, once again indicating that they were not prepared to play when they came out of the locker room.
Grade: D

Exam graded by Michael Scott, Spectrum Sports Editor, and will not be re-graded under any circumstances. Partial credit was given on all sections.