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Friday, September 22, 2023
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A Little Cul-chah

Ukranian SA

The Ukrainian Student Association has 30 members of Ukrainian, Russian, Bulgarian and Slovakian descent who "try to adapt and learn about each culture," said Maria Larisa Godenciuc, treasurer of the Ukrainian SA.


Wedding traditions are especially reflective of the Ukraine's struggle for freedom. During wedding receptions, a mock capture of the bride is carried out to remind guests of the many times their homeland was invaded.

Food and dress are important aspects of all Ukrainian traditions but are particularly important during holidays.

The Christmas Eve ritual in the Ukraine includes a feast of 12 meatless dishes representing the 12 Apostles. Some of these dishes include holubsti (cabbage rolls), osyletsi (pickled fish) and borsch (cabbage soup).

On all holidays, traditional Ukrainian clothing is worn. Typically, this includes handmade, embroidered blouses and skirts for the women and handcrafted necklaces.

Dancing is another important aspect of the culture. According to Godenciuc, each village in the Ukraine has its own dance and dialect. Dancers wear red boots and crowns of flowers when performing, as well as embroidered costumes.

Academic Differences:

"One of the important differences between Ukrainian universities and American universities is the structure of academics," said Godenciuc. According to Godenciuc, Ukrainian schools have higher standards and a minimum course load would be similar to twenty credits at UB.

"Ukrainian ids our age wouldn't work. They would be completely supported by their parents," said Godenciuc.



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