Letter to the Editor

This letter is in regards to the "A Look At Ourselves" by Thanh Bui in Wednesday's issue of The Spectrum. While I have great sympathy for Thanh and others who are harmed by racism, I found the comment, "Perhaps this whole terrorist incident is an excuse to terrorize people not of European descent" extremely hurtful because it implies that a person of European descent is more likely to be racist and act out this tendency.

This is simply not true. I am white and I harbor no hate in my heart for anyone. Also, I have heard negative comments about Muslims from people of multiple ethnicities in the last two weeks, not just European. However, the ethnicity of a racist is not important. What is important is for people to understand that one who hates can only bring about pain for him or herself.

I have always been proud to be an American. I believed in my heart that in this county there is a place for everyone, no matter his or her race or faith. I believe that this diversity is the source of American strength and ingenuity. I was especially proud of the firemen and police officers that sacrificed themselves to save others at the World Trade Towers. Yet, a few days later I was equally ashamed of the man who shot the Sikh gas station owner.

I can only hope that most Americans feel that "freedom and equality for all" is a far better thing to fight for than revenge.