Letter to the Editor

Abdul Sallaj's letter to the editor in Friday's issue of the Spectrum is, I admit, a triumph in creative writing, but little else. His letter regarding the Mideast is such a fascination to me, since it is utterly devoid of facts and common sense. In the absence of anything constructive to say, he resorts to a shock-value tactic which is mindless, ignorant and dangerous. Who benefits from such a letter? Who benefits from a ferociously-outlined, ill-informed opinion whose sole aim is that of further aggravating things?

Sallaj's voice is a voice of violence, ferocity and extremism. If the Israeli authority has confirmation that the Palestinians are to carry out an attack in a deliberate and specific manner, is it "unreasonable" or "extremist" or "excessive" to defend oneself from a preventable disaster?

The fact is Yassir Arafat is a fascist who has betrayed his people. The inevitable formation of an internationally-recognized Palestinian state is now postponed, and I mourn for the Arabs who suffer daily on account of it.

Therefore I urge the members of this university to band together and voice absolute and unconditional opposition to the Palestinian authority; an authority that sends its children into the fray while glorifying martyrdom; an authority that betrays its own people; an authority that speaks of peace in English and war in Arabic.